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I hadn't taken my old PowerBook G4 out of storage since July 2015 when my computer first got its logic board replaced for the defect that ultimately killed it. What have I learned about the Internet working on a computer that's basically frozen in 2011?

First, and this isn't really the Internet's fault, but the shift keys stick a lot. I concede I've been getting sloppy in my typing, since it's so easy to go back and redo a word rather than slow down and do the words right in the first place. But my shift keys were getting really gummy and I do not like the feel one bit. And the glancing blow I'd like to give the keys is only about half the intensity the keys demand.

Second, apparently back then we were still on Firefox 3. They've since got the thing up to Firefox Like 280. I know that's because they figure every little change ought to be a new version number but still.

Third, that the Internet is slow. Half of that is that every web site has a security certificate that none of my surviving web browsers can read because they're too out of date. Half of that is that every site has gotten so interactive that your old-fashioned web browser can't think fast enough to handle it all. Ajax and its compatriots can do lovely things in making a web site respond as if magic, but if a browser is too primitive for its designs then it's hopeless.

Fourth, I remember like one out of every five passwords to sites I use and I can't figure how to let DeviantArt even get to a login screen. If I have one.

Fifth, Apple changed its trackpad thing from where sliding your fingers up makes the document scroll down to the other way around, or vice-versa, and I have got so used to this change that I am not doing well at all changing back, and if the new computer doesn't arrive I'm going to have to give up and just stop scrolling altogether.

Sixth, as bad as web sites are with never quite finishing loading and then jumping you back to the top of the page and jumping all the content to somewhere else altogether? They're way worse about it on Firefox 3 and Safari 5. I don't remember these browsers being so hard to use back then.

I'm so hoping the new computer is in soon.

Trivia: In a mode 1-Bravo abort, triggered after 42 seconds into flight but before the Saturn rocket had reached 100,000 feet, the Apollo Command Module would be flipped over to the right orientation for splashing down by a combination of canards on the escape rocket and firing of the Reaction control system rockets. Source: The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture And Operation, Frank O'Brien.

Currently Reading: Heat And Thermodynamics: A Historical Perspective, Christopher J T Lewis.


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