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Now to the first of our furry conventions for the year! This was Motor City Fur[ry] Con, in Novi. It's only an hour or so away, near enough to almost but not quite make staying at home instead of a hotel make sense. It doesn't work if you don't want to be exhausted at the convention. We brought our pet rabbit to bunny_hugger's parents, where we set up his space for I think the first time. He would turn depressed and mopey for several days, just as Stephen had, and just as we now realize he was moping the first few weeks after we'd adopted him. He cheered up after a couple days, though, possibly as he relished the attention bunny_hugger's mother gave him, possibly as he realized the head games he could play on the dog, a basset hound, by not being the slightest bit intimidated by the rabbit-hunting dog.

That said, for as convenient as the place was, we got off to a slow start. We weren't to the hotel until about 3 pm or so. And not the convention hotel. After last year's experience in the main hotel --- convenient, but noisy, as we were right by the elevator --- we were back in the Holiday Inn Express across the way. Their rooms were a bit less expensive again. Also the hotel was guarded by a goose. We'd noticed a bunch of parking spaces free, right by the hotel entrance, and figured we were fortunate. There was a Canada goose standing sentry, though, and glaring at us so. He never attacked us all weekend, although he did give us a couple good hisses and start pursuit of bunny_hugger when she withdrew at the wrong pace.

So all that's why we didn't get to the first full day of con programming until after 4 pm, and after the start of a species SIG we'd have been interested in going to. Well, it was insects. We're not really insect people, but we like species SIGs; there's always fun to be had asking people to talk about why they like themselves. We'd expected to get stuck in a long wait for the con badge, too, but we hit at a very good time. There wasn't much of a line to start with, and they had preregistered badges all set to go; we were officially legitimate attendees within minutes.

We can always find something to complain about. The pocket programming guide was back, and big and clear enough to read. It was a pamphlet actually larger in size than the original programming schedule, and way too big to fit into pockets. Probably mandated by the glossy, color paper they used, but after all, the point is to be folded up and put away. I'd ended up just working out when the things we had to get to were and not referring to either schedule, which is the daftest possible way to do things. You knew I would.

Trivia: The Confederate Constitution required the calling of a Constitutional Convention on the demand of any three states. Source: The Confederate Nation, 1861 - 1865, Emory M Thomas.

Currently Reading: The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, Carl B Boyer.

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