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I bless the rains down in Africa

Saturday started with our con traditional event, going to Con Suite and finding there really isn't anything to eat there. I guess they had, like, cinnamon-raisin bagels made by Lender's and they even had some cream cheese left over. It was fine, but we did discuss the mystery of why they didn't just get plain bagels. Possibly the cinnamon-raisin ones were cheaper in bulk.

While bunny_hugger readied for her part in the fursuit parade I thought long and hard about where to take my video from and went with the same corner I always go. Different bunch of photographers there, this time, including a couple who kept moving in front of me because I'm too good about standing by the wall. Which is all right; I try to hold my camera above my head, a better angle that just leaves my arms tired from about a third of the way through things. It was also a quite nice, quite warm day; I shouldn't have been worried about going to a spot near one of the doors, but the weather for an early-April convention can be so unreliable in Michigan.

But this year we came out great, with a bright, sunny day that was warm enough to be nice for us normal photographers and not so warm as to be unpleasant for the fursuiters. The group photo outside was unhurried and pleasant and, better, I spotted bunny_hugger right away and got a good batch of pictures of her even in the crowd.

Afterwards we got to lunch, again at con suite, with a bit better foods this time. It was sandwiches, so, you know, some cheese, some lettuce snatched from the salad bowls, some ranch dressing and you have a meal that's bland but fine enough. I did some more circling around, telling people about the Raccoons And Procyonids SIG and demanding their votes on the Trash Panda issue. This might sound ridiculous; so it was. That works for me.

bunny_hugger dove into the Dealer's Den and the Artist's Alley. She was mostly interested in a new book sketch. Along the way she noticed a print of a sea horse done as a carousel mount, which is almost perfectly aimed at her. We also looked over some of the summer-weight kigurumis and partial hoodies and such. She's got a couple bunny hoodies that help her to look stylish and darling while staying warm at events. And she thought that I might do well with something in a raccoon or red panda look. I know nobody will ever make coati stuff, but raccoons and red pandas are close enough for jazz. They didn't have anything quite right for me, although I tried at least one thing on. Might yet get something.

But we couldn't linger. I had signed up to host a personal record three panels, and all of them were set for Saturday. The first was about to begin.

Trivia: Samuel Pepys's shipbuilding program approved in 1667 was the Royal Navy's first class of warships built to a uniform standard of tonnage, guns, and overall design. Source: To Rule The Waves: How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, Carl B Boyer.

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