austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Will you miss, miss me, when I'm gone

After determining to stay in bed at least till 11 I found myself fully awake before 9 am. Typical. So I ventured into the office mildly curious what I'd have to do to catch up on everything. Slipped under my door was ... nothing. In my e-mail the various letters were general notices and a reminder about a seminar I want to attend Saturday. In my mailbox was ... nothing. Nobody stopped in to see me, nobody had anything for me, no nothing. I may as well have stayed home.

The renovations of the bus stops outside have advanced, to the point that everything seems to be re-paved, although in lighter concrete and elevated a few inches from what it was before. I don't know how this is a safety measure. They're also renovating swaths of the hawker center nearest my office. I hope this all comes together.

There's a fresh batch of manuscript notes, but the light at the end of the tunnel is officially here; we're to start the index. I'm going to push for a lavishly overdone index, since I can't describe how angry it makes me to find a 700-page textbook has a 14-entry index, and I can't think of any time anyone has ever said a book would be great if only it didn't have such a detailed index.

Trivia: In summer 1406 English King Henry IV was forced to appeal for loans to raise the £4,000 to send daughter Philippa to her betrothed King Eric of Denmark. Source: Shakespeare's Kings, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: Flesh in the Age of Reason, Roy Porter.


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