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Victims of our weaknesses and passions

Needed background for this dream: In The Price is Right's Dice Game, contestants roll a die for the final four digits of a car's price. If the roll doesn't equal that digit, the contestant calls whether the digit is lower or higher than the roll. If all four are correct, the contestant wins the car. Except for a short time after the game was introduced decades ago the digits are from one through six, inclusive.

So. I dreamed I was watching the Dice Game. The contestant rolled a 1 for the first digit -- as good as a match -- and then a 5 (a match), a 4 (lower again), and a 3 (higher, even though 1's and 2's show up often here). Bob Barker revealed, of course, the first and second digits were right, but the third and fourth digits were zeros, so he lost on the last number.

Well. The contestant was disappointed, but the audience was livid. Bob was apologetic but insisted zeroes were valid, so ... This must have been a special event; the seats weren't the usual ones (more like bleachers) and the car was $42,500, about $20-25,000 above normal. I think it was one of those trucks they pretend isn't an SUV to avoid any shred of environmental regulation.

Afterward and still grumbling I ran into Bob Barker, and took no joy from that (!), though he pointed out the contestant was fine, and perhaps I shouldn't be so personally outraged over someone else's honestly minor injustice. Wise words, but the guy was still gypped. They should've said zeros were a possibility, especially after rolling that 1. I think he made it to the Showcase. Then I woke up, and went in to the office.

In spam those marketing folks offered an iBook for my opinions. You'd think they'd have tried the iPod Shuffle before moving into the serious hardware.

Trivia: The Skylab Ground Command teleprinter received transmissions in FM at 450.0 MHz. Source: Skylab: A Guidebook, Leland F Belew, Ernst Stuhlinger, NASA SP-107.

Currently Reading: Flesh in the Age of Reason, Roy Porter.


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