austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

He's the greatest secret agent in the world

Please pardon my giddiness, but I discovered today it wasn't simply a rumor or vaporware or a misunderstanding or anything else. Danger Mouse, the first two seasons, is out on DVD, and I've got it in my hand now. (He wrote, pausing to go to his bookbag and take it in hand, to make the sentence belatedly true.) I'm really looking forward to this; Danger Mouse was an important piece of my learning how to understand British Humour, if such a thing can be done. And while I didn't buy it, I did see a TV show called Roberta Leigh's Torchy the Battery Boy, a really cool title.

Generally I don't truck much with revisionist views of pop cultural stuff; about the only one worth more than a smirk from me is the claim that Artoo is the real Jedi master throughout Star Wars. (I haven't yet seen Revenge of the Sith -- and I'm doing my best to avoid spoilers -- so if this view's been irredeemably smashed please don't say. Of course no revisionist view is ever truly irredeemable, especially with the truth-phobic Jedi.) So I'm surprised at my delight in how much easier it is to make the shambles of Enterprise's Temporal Cold War sensible if you suppose Crewman Daniels is a liar, a fraud, or trying to sabotage the Founding of the Federation in which Captain Archer is inexplicably instrumental. It's a new sort of delight.

Trivia: Benjamin Franklin was asked 174 questions while speaking in Parliament against the Stamp Act. Source: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Walter Isaacson.

Currently Reading: Flesh in the Age of Reason, Roy Porter. It's a sort of history-of-philosophy book, so unlike most of what I read I don't quite know how to evaluate it, except that the writing's pleasantly crisp and it puts a lot of historical figures in contexts I never saw them in before. I'm intrigued.


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