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Watched his hair been turning grey, he's been workin' and slavin' his life away

We took another round of walking the hotel because we could never get enough of that, and then it was time for closing ceremonies. We couldn't miss that. It hit all the traditional points. There was some continuing heartbreak as we kept being reminded that this was the last time Morphicon/AnthrOhio would be in the Holiday Inn Worthington. bunny_hugger's spent more than a month of her life prowling around its rooms. I've spent nearly a month of mine there. It's the hotel we know best. I suppose the hotel for Further Connection North/Motor City Fur[ry] Con will soon overtake that.

The tradition of one of the guests of honor having to leave before closing ceremonies continued. I think every convention we go to has one of those. In this case, it was the Guest of Honor who'd improved our lives by not being in them, so, hey, unexpected bonus. And the rabbit rescue charity got a nice sum, including some last-minute donations that kept up the tradition of the charity liaison being about to burst into tears at the donations. And they did some tossing out of t-shirts. One of the guests of honor this year had done tie-die versions of t-shirts or something like that, and they tossed out unused and past-year shirts. And bunny_hugger snagged one of the past-year shirts. I think it was from 2008, the year she started attending conventions. Not sure. She'll say.

And then, with the announcement of the theme for next year --- Barks and Recreation so I'm looking forward to all the Furry Leslie Knope art that's surely in the works --- the convention was over.

We did a little walking around trying to see people before they were all gone, but really took the chance to go back to Hot Head Burrito for our second visit there the weekend. Also to discover that somehow we had another loyalty-card reward knocking a dollar or so off of our purchase. Remember that we had gotten a couple dollars off our purchase Thursday when we bought two (2) burritos there. So granted they're doing a great job encouraging us to go there but, guys, we're only in Columbus like once a year. We might make it twice if we started going to Midwest Bun Fest. But that's pretty far for burritos. Open something in mid-Michigan, gang, then we'd be along. There was also, it transpired, some value meal thing for Sundays that left the dinner cheaper than Thursday's were.

They had karaoke going again Sunday night. The convention had always sort of packed up and blown out of town after closing ceremonies with the exception of the Atomic Battle of Doom/Foam-Flinging Frenzy. This time, they had the Foam-Flinging Frenzy, but it seemed less busy than usual. Maybe we just passed during more of the setup and intermission moments than usual. There's luck in all of this.

But still: karaoke. bunny_hugger got up and sang a little. I didn't. I was feeling a bit off and it turns out I was suffering a cold so what tiny vocal control I had was totally obliterated. I'd go through the cold fairly quickly, but then bunny_hugger would pick one up ... about a week later. The same one I had? Or one that she got from a friend we'd seen in the interim? Can't tell.

We left the karaoke when someone went and called up ``Cat's In The Cradle'' because if the night's getting that mawkish, and on the last night of the convention in its last night of the hotel? Far too dangerous to stick around.

There was also supposed to be a Dead Dog Dance, over in the room that had been Hospitality until a few hours earlier. But there was almost nobody there, probably a combination of the remoteness of the room and the crowd melting away. After a little while of me and bunny_hugger trying to dance (her) or lurch around (me) the DJ asked if, hey, what the heck, would we want to see how his system worked? ... Sure, why not?

So that's how I ended up standing behind a turntable setup, watching nervously some strings of impossibly complicated waveforms and completely missing the beat when I was supposed to hit a button and set a secondary track going. I hate to sound too stereotypical and, frankly, square about my understanding of electronic dance music but I couldn't really tell the difference in any of the buttons I pressed or the dials I turned, some of which adjusted the tempo of the recordings. But --- at least eventually --- the guy running it thought I was getting better. Mostly I learned to recognize some patterns of things in the waveforms and moved based on that AND NOTHING ELSE. So apparently determined following of a couple rules can overcome an inability to understand what the heck I was really supposed to be doing.

I was the first volunteer, but eventually a couple other people, bunny_hugger included, gave short tries. With my example none of them had the same long string of fumbling mistakes that I did, like pressing one of the few buttons given a clear-to-anyone label of '3', a white button, when I was supposed to hit the green button '2'. One of the other people to visit and maybe even try things out was that woman we'd met the day before, the one who was weeping and described herself as so empathetic.

We would make our excuses to go find something to drink --- it was a little warm, especially with my incipient cold --- and confirmed that karaoke was still going on and getting deep into sentimentality. So we walked around on a little photo tour of the rest of the hotel, including the wing that Morphicon/AnthrOhio never occupies. The big exploration point there was a strange, oversized desk and cabinet set that had very many drawers, not a single one of which had anything in it. It occupied an alcove that would logically have been a door, except that it was the wall outside the exercise room and so no door was needed. We also discovered something astounding about that end of that leg of the hotel. It had a sign claiming there was an elevator there; there wasn't. The only hotel in the whole building was the one near our room, on the far end of the other leg of the hotel.

In our last twelve hours of a familiar old place there were still secrets to learn.

Trivia: The 29 May 1848 vote in Lombardy on fusion with the Piedmont government was passed 56,000 to 681. Source: 1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe, Peter N Stearns.

Currently Reading: Sky Island, L Frank Baum.

PS: Reading the Comics, July 1, 2017: Deluge Edition, Part 2, finish off comic strips from last week and saving some for next week.

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