austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

They stretch a banner 'cross the main street in town

More in the Calhoun County Fair!


Calhoun County Fair rabbits who've had to split the apartment down the middle, like they used to do in sitcoms, to accommodate their different lifestyles.


Meanwhile one of the guinea pigs presents my favorite guinea pig expression of all time, ``Are you sure you meant to invite me to this meeting? Because I could go take care of some other projects if you don't really need me here.''


Rabbit hoping to inflate one of her cage-mates by way of the ear. So it turns out rabbits manufacture vitamin D in their ears, and get it by grooming their ears and now I wonder if mutual grooming like this isn't also a chance to get some precious fat-soluble vitamins off their partners.


After a bird flu scare the previous year(?) we got fine examples of chickens and other fowl, such as this one, who'd chosen to go along with my intruding camera.


Bee who took the chance to drink a bit of lemonade(?) that had spilled on our table. Got a good bit of the drop in, too.

Trivia: By 1893 Stern's department store, then in New York City, employed three female sales clerks for every four males. Source: Service and Style: how the American Department Store Fashioned the Middle Class, Jan Whitaker.

Currently Reading: Barnaby, Volume 3, Crockett Johnson.

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