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You know what? Let's take in some pictures from the Calhoun County Fair.


Some of past fair program books on display in the historical museum section. I particularly like how the 1880s covers are set in the 1880s Typeface, like you see on book covers of the time and the occasional building inscription.


More of the Calhoun County Fair's own history: tokens for rides and probably also redemption game tries. It does make me feel a bit bad that the lineage of this has come to an end. I suppose there are still ride tickets, but they're not customized to any fair or year or anything, and a pay-one-price wristband isn't custom-fitted to any year either.


Old prizes from the fair, including a ``Chalk-Ware Elephant and Bunny won at the Calhoun County Fair in 1951.'' There's a lot of stuff like this on display --- notice the Kewpie dolls beneath --- but I know my readers here.


Commercial art turning into fairground art: mural made up of candy bar wrappers, many of them not local or from limited-edition runs. Up top on the center is a candy tied to Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster. Elsewhere on the mural (not in picture) is the wrapper for the Star Trek: First Contact movie chocolate bars. That sort of thing.


The merry-go-round, running at a good six rotations per minute just as it had a few weeks earlier in Fremont, here seen going into warp.

Trivia: In 807, the Sultan Harun ar-Rashid --- the sultan depicted in The Thousand And One Nights --- sent to Charlemagne a number of gifts, including a brass water clock that rang the hours. Source: The Calendar: The 5000-Year Struggle To Align The Clock An The Heavens --- And What Happend To The Missing Ten Days, David Ewing Duncan.

Currently Reading: Barnaby, Volume 3, Crockett Johnson.

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