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You can see the lights going up out in Soldiers Field

I'm thinking maybe the Calhoun County Fair for my pictures tonight.


Fairground rides at early dusk, including the giant slide, the swinging ride, and on the right the drop tower.


We skipped the haunted house dark ride as in past years it had been too small and cramped to actually have, you know, stuff in it. But the outside is good to watch and here they had a skeletal piano player set up.


Figure on the Stinson band organ. Stinson's making new band organs for parks and fairs and the like that need music and you can see how the work looks pretty good. I understand you can upload new music into one of these things by plugging in a USB stick, which seems like it ought to being the cast of Voyager down on your head for breaking the Temporal Prime Directive or something.


The swing ride at dusk with one of the more gorgeous clouds I've seen in along while behind it.


As long as the cloud is being so gorgeous why not photograph some people riding the swings in front of it?

Trivia: For the 1953 release of Peter Pan Disney, in association with Colgate, printed a map of Neverland, available for fifteen cents and labels from three packs of soap. It was inscribed, ``This map is a collector's item of limited use''. Source: On The Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration Of The Way The World Looks, Simon Garfield.

Currently Reading: Introvert Doodles, Maureen 'Marzi' Wilson.

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