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My mathematics blog is getting ready to launch its new A To Z project. Are you? Meanwhile, here's what it's run the past week.

Were you wondering what's going on in The Phantom? In its weekday edition? I've got your back. Here, enjoy! And now to the closing day of Michigan's Adventure, just under eleven months ago. I need to do more all-photo weeks and catch up.


You know it's late in the season when people are just giving up on their socks near the Tilt-a-Whirl.


Pumpkins! For at least the second year running they were growing pumpkins just off of Shivering Timbers. Why? Hard to guess. Michigan's Adventure does nothing for Halloween. Other Cedar Fair parks do, but surely they could grow their own pumpkins or get from local providers if they need fresh pumpkins for something or other.


Sea Dragon, the swinging ship ride, put to bed for the season: the crowds are gone and there's just the crew securing it for a long winter's nap.


Main midway of Michigan's Adventure, put to bed for the season: the Corkscrew, its first roller coaster, is on the left, and the Lakeside Gliders, the flying turns ride that replaced a go-cart upcharge attraction (!) a couple years ago is in the center of the picture.


Cedar Fair has the Peanuts license and that's fine. The core problem is that the Peanuts characters don't really have anything to do with amusement parks. I'm aware of only, like, one time they even mentioned going to anything with rides, which is kind of a surprising thing for the gang never to have done. Anyway, this results in some weird contorted efforts to drag the characters into something salable. Peppermint Patty's Candy Shop at least passes the ``Yeah, I guess Peppermint Patty likes candy'' test. But as it was the end of season, discipline had clearly broken down as the shop in this photo mostly has silly hats.

Trivia: In October 1772 the Royal Navy performed an experiment for Benjamin Franklin, pouring oil on the water from a longboat at Portsmouth. Observers agreed this did appear to diminish the waves around the vessel. Source: The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin, H W Brands.

Currently Reading: Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Complete Collection, Volume 1, Editor Victor Gorelick.

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