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If this year has had a theme, it's been ``stuff breaking''. The TV broke in March. My laptop broke in May. In June my car took some permanent damage to some kind of cover from being driven through flooded streets. Last month I was trying to turn the ceiling fan on in the breakfast nook, and instead the glass lamp cover dropped and hit bunny_hugger on the head, spoiling her Tri-Zone game. And the fan didn't work, either. So here's some more of that.

Our bathroom sink has been in the process of draining ever-more-slowly for years now. We would try, sometimes, to snake it, without success. And we'd try pouring drain cleaner, sometimes, with little success. Finally we reached the point where this brought no relief. I tried taking the trap out underneath, to snake from a better angle, and didn't get anything done and couldn't get the trap on either.

On to a call from Michigan's Plumbing, who advertise with the logic-defying motto ``We'll exceed your expectations''. They were able to see us in a few hours but had dire news: our galvanized pipes had rusted to the point they couldn't be snaked anymore. The best they could advise was to arrange for replacing all the old pipes at a cost of something like $1500. bunny_hugger had been warned, when she bought the house decades ago, that they would need replacing sometime, but supposed she could take the risk because it wasn't like she would be here for decades, right? Mm.

Still, we didn't want to undertake that without a second opinion and made an appointment with Hedlund Plumbing for the first day after we were back from another weeklong vacation (more on this anon). That guy ... came after the two-hour window we were expecting him, which, hrm. But he also investigated, and thought, and went upstairs with tools, and before we quite knew what was going on there was the sound of saws and banging around and stuff that didn't sound the least bit good.

There was a good bit of good here, though. He installed some kind of trap in there, and replaced some pipe, and fixed some other pipe which had come dangerously loose. We have wild thoughts this might do something about the occasional, transient, worrisome bits of water we see in the kitchen ceiling that we try not to think about. But he was able to snake the drain with that bit done, and while there is drywall cut open it's underneath the sink, hidden by a cabinet, where it's not really important. Total cost: under $300. And the sink drains nice and quick.

Not addressed: oh yeah, the pipes. They'll need replacement with something not so rust-worthy sometime. But now we can schedule it, rather than get taken by surprise, at least as far as we know.

Also my car's axle boots are leaking, and shall need replacement before something truly awful happens to my CV joints. I do not know what CV joints are, but will discard my first guess that it's a place where academics send their résumés to hang out and get drink.

Trivia: The Latin zodiac sign Scorpio, the Scorpion, was in Sanskrit `Vrischika', and in the Babylonian scheme `Scorpion'. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Complete Collection, Volume 1, Editor Victor Gorelick.

PS: The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Arithmetic as a new A To Z sequence gets under way! Featuring art from thomaskdye!


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