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The night is dark

Since that's wrapped up the Pinburgh Tournament part of the event, I'll return to my loosely chronological sequence of reports. Since that's going to be our anniversary trip to New Jersey, I'll start that on Monday. Tonight, I'll close out the Mean Streak Retirement Ceremony trip with some pictures taken of what we did after Mean Streak's funeral.


Laughing Sal. It's a marionette that shakes around while a never-ending recording of laughs goes off. Kennywood's had one forever and has had it on display. Cedar Point ... not so much. This was new when we visited for Mean Streak's retirement and we have no idea where they got it from. The park's old Laughing Sal? A newly-acquired or newly-made one? No hint.


Skeptical onlooker not Laughing at Sal.


Close up of the ValRavn logo, on the giant throne that sits outside the ride's queue. Because, wow, it's a great-looking logo and lit up like this in the dark it's even more so.


View of ValRavn's lift hill and some of its track as seen from the queue underneath. It's a beautiful roller coaster, and in the dark, it's only moreso.


The deeply green lighting of the Raptor roller coaster's launch station (see the crowds waiting to leave on the left). I'm not quite sure how I got this picture; I think it must be a tight zoom from the ValRavn station.


Blue Streak, the remaining wooden roller coaster at Cedar Point, as seen from the Raptor station. In the background are ValRavn, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, and, somewhere deep in the distance, the unlit husk of Mean Streak.

Trivia: A report on the building of the hedge lining the India Customs Line estimated that over 1876-77 some 115 workers died, 276 were dismissed, 30 deserted while on duty, 360 failed to return after leave, and 23 were ``removed as unfit''. Source: The Great Hedge of India: The Search For The Living Barrier That Divided A People, Roy Moxham.

Currently Reading: The Improper Bohemians: Greenwich Village In Its Heyday, Allen Churchill.

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