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Okay, some last a chapter, some a page

And how's my mathematics blog looking? Here's some of its content, in aggregate. Or you might look at the next-to-the-last link there.

Also, What's Going On In Mary Worth? June - September 2017 Now you know.

So what did it look like last year when we went to bunny_hugger's reunion weekend at Earlham College? Here's a glimpse at Friday.


Earlham's Class of 1996 reunion table: we missed the other person who was there. The dining hall was a center of many recollections of the eating process at the school, though, and we were visiting ahead of a renovation that would probably just ruin everything. Not ruined: they had more vegetarian options than back in the day.


More of the dining hall, and the balcony from which were always hung banners advertising whatever activity or protest the Earlham students were on about. bunny_hugger was disturbed to see no banners hung, and would be more distressed to learn that after the renovations due to start the next week, there wouldn't be any more balcony banners. Students would just send their images to be shown, in rotation, on the TV screens instead.


Hanging out in the student center: a bunch of people with board games (do you see Betrayal at the House on the Hill there?) and playing what looked like some video game version of Apples To Apples.


The Heart, center of the Earlham campus, behind the main student center/building. Note the students vanishing to warp speed by the sign there.


Scary steps to one of the computer labs that had, back in the day, been where you could go do Internet stuff all night long if you wanted. There was still evidence of the card reader that bunny_hugger used back in the day, but it had been replaced by a new card reader.


Stencil graffiti in the scary steps to the former(?) computer lab.

Trivia: There were five thousand liquor stores licensed on the 5th of December 1933, when Utah ratified the repeal of prohibition. (At 5:33 pm, Eastern Time, so most stores could not get now-legal stock in that day.) Source: The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York, Deborah Blum.

Currently Reading: Sail and Rail: A Narrative History of Transportation in Western Michigan, Lawrence Wakefield, Lucille Wakefield.

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