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We closed out Keansburg, which shouldn't really be a surprise. The place had us charmed pretty quickly and even if we didn't want to re-ride the roller coaster or try our luck on the kiddie coaster with some other operator in place, there was still enough to interest us. And the atmosphere was so good. Still, we were there until the park closed and they started turning off lights, and then it was nearly an hour or so driving back to our hotel. The Toms River location was roughly central to everything we wanted to do, but that did mean there was just the one thing that was close to our hotel.

And we decided we were too tired to go to a diner and not quite hungry enough for it (we'd gotten burritos, using some of the park coupons we got with our admission, at the park). So we stopped at the Wawa not quite across Route 37 from the hotel and I discovered how much I loved the new lime- and citrus-blend flavors of Mello Yellow Zero. They wouldn't quite become all I'd drink the rest of the trip. But they did become the flavors I'd associate with the trip.

And, we slept. A lot. I didn't think we had gotten up ridiculously early Tuesday, but I suppose it was earlier than we'd have done by ourselves, and we did exhaust two amusement parks over the course of the day. I think we slept past noon, which has to be some vacation record for us. At the risk of making this sound like bragging, we slept way past housekeeping's rounds of the room. It wouldn't be the last time this trip.

We had a loose plan for Thursday: to drive down to the Atlantic City area and visit Story Book Land. My father pointed out the place is within a few miles of one of my aunts. So we called her to ask if she'd want to meet up with us, or if we might stop in and see her for a while, or something. She liked the idea, but wasn't able to see us Thursday. Her air conditioning had broken and she had to spend the day waiting for the repair appointment. Too bad, but we did make a vague promise that next time we'd catch up. She's expressed to my father a desire to visit Diggerland, a place you will think I am making up but I'm not. It's a construction-equipment-themed amusement park. It's a chain, with four parks in England and one in southern New Jersey. My aunt thinks this sounds like a hoot, but hasn't been able to find anyone to go with. PS I am not crazy. Anyway, Diggerland New Jersey hasn't got any roller coasters or carousels, so it's a lower-priority place for us. So far.

Before we could set out, though, our day got scrambled. We planned to meet bunny_hugger's brother K on Saturday and spent it at Rye Playland. He was free Thursday instead, though, rather than Saturday, and that shifted our plans. We'd do Playland on Thursday, and Story Book Land on Saturday. (I debated calling my Aunt to ask if she'd want to meet up on the weekend instead. But we worried that she might have told us the air conditioner story as a graceful way to say no to us, and there was no sense making her say no again. My father later told me that indeed, her air conditioner had been broken. She'd fallen into a research-deathspiral before actually setting up an appointment to get it fixed.)

So we had Thursday set. It was still early Wednesday. And we hadn't yet done anything, but we did have an idea.

Trivia: Over the course of 1942 the average time needed to connect a long-distance call rose from 1.6 to 2.3 minutes. Source: Telephone: The First Hundred Years, John Brooks.

Currently Reading: Images of America: Waldameer Park, Jim Futrell.

PS: Some more of Saturday at Earlham:


In the new science/math/engineering building bunny_hugger shares stories with the others in our tour group about what the campus was like back in the day.


Dry riser in the mathematics wing of the building. You see how the department was able to deploy correctly-formed humor in the labelling of this door. (Bourbaki was the pseudonym for a French mathematical/artists-collective that did a lot to establish a coherent framework for mathematics' foundations in the early-to-mid 20th century.)

PPS: The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Quasirandom numbers, including some carousel pictures I haven't quite got to yet in my writing here!

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