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For some love comes disguised as lust

I'm happy with the last week in my humor blog. Are you? Here's your chance to find out, by reading one or more of:

Now let's continue with photographs of bunny_hugger's reunion weekend last year.


In search of origins: Carpenter Hall, where the English department that bunny_hugger started at was, and where the Philosophy department that she ended at was. (None of the professors she'd worked with were in, although the English professor who'd been her first mentor was having her retirement party and, stunningly, remembered her.)


More origins: the philosophy department at Earlham, shaded and mostly quiet for the weekend.


The mastodon skeleton that's one of the prides of the campus's museum.


The giant beaver skeleton that's one of the centerpieces of the campus's museum, and the focus of legends about the fire at the library that forced a professor to run, in his nightshirt, into the flames and carry out the skeleton.


Also at the museum: the skeleton of a giant sloth. Which is more giant than you realize. This isn't a trick camera angle; I was holding it at my normal eye level and it was still a good five feet up.


Less stunning: a taxidermied raccoon on display at the museum. Which may not be anything that special, but isn't that a cute face?

Trivia: In November 1903 the Wright Brothers discovered their Flyer was 75 pounds heavier than they had expected. They also discovered their propellers produced about fifty percent more thrust than they had expected, a pair of errors that cancelled one another out. Source: Taking Flight: Inventing The Aerial Age From Antiquity Through The First World War, Richard P Hallion.

Currently Reading: Acceptance, Jeff Vandermeer.

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