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And I don't know where I'm going, or why I came

We drove up to Belmar. The main objective: lunch. We hadn't eaten at Kaya's Kitchen yet, and the vegan restaurant was always one of the treats of bunny_hugger visiting. In some ways the goal of our anniversary trip was to touch again the places that had meant much during our courting, and this was part of the specialness of the shore. The mistake we made, going to Kaya's, was going too early. Some of the things we'd hoped for were dinner-menu items and while it's not like we had a bad or unpleasant meal, it did mean we were channeled more into sandwiches than stuff that'd be more ... you know, comfort-food. Tastes like this are a part of feeling in touch with yourself, and it was maybe the best meal of our trip. (Though, to scale expectations, we did eat a lot of amusement-park food, which is great in its way but not really soothing. And we had a lot of nights where we grabbed a hoagie from Wawa because that was easier than having a sit-down dinner.)

We walked around Belmar some, peeking into the shops and mostly window-shopping. I had a stray thought about my barber. Well, my old barber, since I haven't been able to go there in years. My father's got the idea that the barber (who'd cut both our hair for decades) had retired, not wholly by choice, after a string of illnesses. I hadn't heard anything directly and wasn't sure where he'd gotten this. But it seemed like it might be worth checking while we were nearby. But then I remembered, first, that it was Wednesday and he has always taken Wednesday off, no matter what. And while there might be something in driving past his place --- even seeing it boarded-up, or just running under a new name, would tell the essential part of the story --- his place wasn't in Belmar. It's a couple towns north of Belmar, past even Asbury Park, which is as far as we figured on going. So I decided it wasn't worth the extra diversion for what would, at best, be reassurance that things weren't as bad as we had heard.

But we walked around the town, still, enjoying things like the local hardware store (truly) and some of the many boutiques that line the main drag. bunny_hugger said it reminded her of many of the shops in the Traverse Bay area and that is, really, a good comparison. We spent a good while looking at used records and, for me, some comic books that were on an actual spinner rack and everything, before we'd finally decided we'd spent enough time drifting about. We could get to the real business of the day. That would be just a little north of Belmar.

Trivia: The charters of New Jersey's Delaware and Raritan Canal as well as the Camden and Amboy Railroad specified both companies must pay an annual dividend of at least $30,000 to the state treasury, to preserve their canal and railroad monopolies. Source: New Jersey: A History Of The Garden State, Editors Maxine N Lurie, Richard Veit.

Currently Reading: Acceptance, Jeff Vandermeer.

PS: Also seen at Earlham College that Saturday:


Minor installation in the (new) arts building: ``Eleven In The Wall''. There are one short of a dozen black mice-or-rats painted or maybe stenciled onto the wall. I hadn't noticed the scratch marks when I was there, but they're quite noticeable in the photographs.


On display at the arts building: a pin for the Theatre Arts program. Since bunny_hugger's time there squirrels have taken over as mascot for the school, although they were clearly headed that way back then.

PPS: The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Ricci Tensor, a request that I kind of made for myself.

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