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My mathematics blog did its usual for the past month: comic strip essays on the Sundays and A To Z entries on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Did you miss them? Here's your chance to read them again:

And did you know What's Going On In The Phantom (Sundays)? May - September 2017 Now's your chance to find out!

Some more of the museum at Earlham, including the exciting basement.


bunny_hugger shrunken and walking around the base of an aquarium. Part of the museum's basement, besides the mummy that they don't quite know what to do with, are exhibits of the wildlife, land and sea, of the area.


The Devil's Corkscrew: an odd bit of fossil that they have on exhibit upstairs. It's a fossilized prairie dog burrow, which only makes it more interesting to my eyes.


Just to give the flavor of the museum, here's the entry room and gift shop and place to talk with a staff member and a portrait of Joseph Moore, namesake for the museum.


And then wandering around once more, this time towards Bundy Hall. In bunny_hugger's time it had been the most ancient and decrepit dorm, complete with cockroach races (she wore the T-shirt for one of the last runnings of the cockroaches). It was heavily renovated in her time there, and now it doesn't have such activities attached to it, at least so far as they'll admit to alumni nosing around.


Just hanging around the heart of campus in the late-afternoon glow. Earlham Hall's on the left side of the picture.


The class dinner! Hanging out with fellow classmates, in a group photo that I was almost late for because I somehow got the tablecloth caught up and tugged it a foot and nearly made the plates and glasses and everything crash on the floor.

Trivia: About 17 percent of bridegrooms in England in 1875 were illiterate. About 1 percent of Swedish conscripts were. Source: The Age of Capital, 1848 - 1875, Eric Hobsbawm.

Currently Reading: Acceptance, Jeff Vandermeer.

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