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My mathematics blog finished the A To Z project this week! There'll be an essay with some closing thoughts soon enough. And then I'll try to find some other series that I can commission some art from Thomas K Dye.

Here's what's been going on around there, though:

And, do you know What's Going On In Judge Parker? For July - September 2017? This is your chance to catch up!

Now to the evening of Halloweekends Saturday at Cedar Point ... nearly a year ago. I'm not doing well catching up on my photos.


Our last time going into the pre-renovation Resorts Gate, that Halloweekends Saturday a year ago. I noticed in the office where they'd moved the Mean Streak Henry sign to after Mean Streak was demolished. Presumably that's been moved somewhere else now, too.


Rides graveyard. Mean Streak's spot, with the open grave ``dug'' at the burial ceremony a few weeks earlier. And a car from the green train coming out with light underneath and smoke billowing out. (Or maybe it was just foggy, because there was a lot of fog that night. You will see.) You know, in case anyone didn't know they were going to turn Mean Streak into a new roller coaster. Also you see why I expected they'd name the new coaster Vicious Streak, when it has hints like that dropped around.


Part of the furry takeover of the world: woman wearing a cat tail, on line for the Blue Streak roller coaster. Sorry it was impossible to take a good picture. Costumes aren't normally allowed at Cedar Point, but things that can be done with a couple accessories creep in, especially around Halloween, especially since you can get some of them as redemption game prizes or in the gift shops.


View from the Tiki Twirl (formerly the Calypso) of the ride, and of the fresh-installed palm-tree-inspired light trees, and the Giant Ferris Wheel with the expensive and fancy modern lighting package at a moment when nothing much seems to be happening. (It was doing a thing where beams of light shoot out from the center, all apparently out of synch.)


bunny_hugger in her bunny hoodie, looking out over the really too ample queue for the Wicked Twister shuttle coaster. It's a ride we go on maybe once a year, and that's probably enough, although I do like its electromagnetic acceleration and deceleration.


bunny_hugger looking out on the entrance gate from the Midway Carousel, the main centerpiece of the park that isn't GateKeeper. You can see her adorable little pumpkin earrings. Also, above and to the left of her hand, the state historical plaque mentioning Cedar Point's ancient claim to being the Queen of American Watering Places, an attempt to get in on some of that Brighton (UK) glory.


Penultimate ride of the night (we'd get the last one on it): the Corkscrew roller coaster zooms out into the just-before-midnight air. Corkscrew was running, because it just never goes down. The ride staff often teases Top Thrill Dragster, across the midway; that roller coaster's big and can be seen from nearly the whole park and gets huge lines, but it goes down if there's any weather, including sunny, clear days.

Trivia: In 1826 John Jacob Astor was paid $27,000 in Manhattan property rentals. Source: The Epic of New York City: A Narrative History, Edward Robb Ellis.

Currently Reading: The First Space Race: Eisenhower and the Quest for Aerospace Security, Nicholas Michael Sambaluk.

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