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So get a witch's shawl on

Managed to go another week without running out of stuff for my humor blog, which you could follow on your Reading page or by whatever RSS reader you have hanging about. Or if you wait for my summaries of these things, here's a summary of these thigns:

Now we're through Cedar Point Halloweekends. How about some pictures of our local hipster bar at their Halloween party last year? I'm sorry the photos are a bit rubbish; I didn't think to bring my real camera and so just have my iPod Touch which is a better camera than nothing at all, but isn't a real camera.


View from the balcony down at the bar and some of the costumed people. I'm not sure who's the guy going in the flag dead-center there but I trust it's a reference to some popular cartoon I don't know anything about.


So it was not just a Halloween party but a Halloween karaoke party and here's Mario doing ... I don't know what, but I'm going ahead and guessing the ``Monster Mash'' because who can't sing that, no matter how much they try not to, all the time?


Again, I apologize for the rubbish lighting but here we see some poor lizard's shed his tail, possibly to escape karaoke night. I'm not doing much better parsing that costume at the bottom center; I think it's someone with an oversized squirrel face mask.


The lovely bunny_hugger in her peacock kigurumi and hand-made mask, playing a game of Theatre of Magic --- the most Halloween-themed game at the place then, if you forget as I did that they have The Walking Dead and The Addams Family (and have since gotten Ghostbusters) --- and not able to believe the first ball she just had.


Another balcony shot with a good view of some of the costumers and also some weird effect from the stage lights that I think really works. If I could do that on purpose I totally would.


And not at Halloween, but still taken by iPod rather than something with a real camera: an inflatable dragon that was set up just about every day in back of the building that housed, last year, the city's Clinton campaign headquarters. I would've voted for her in any case but to have the support of the inflatable dragon community left me secure in my choice, which was the correct one.

Trivia: Horatio Alger focused on writing after being kicked out of a Massachusetts church (he was a Unitarian pastor) for allegations of sexual misconduct with local boys. Source: Know-It-All, A J Jacobs.

Currently Reading: The Greek War of Independence: Its Historical Setting, C M Woodhouse. The book's from 1952 so there's some let's-call-it-antiquated talk about the inherent traits of races, but what Woodhouse is talking about is, like, a supposed Greek talent at getting into high administrative positions in the government, or how excellent the Greeks are at having words for things. As talk about The Races go is just unsettling, not awful.

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