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But even when it's over there's something you can do to make Christmas last

I didn't technically leave my mathematics blog fallow this past week. This coming week, maybe. But if you missed it, here's what you missed:

And do you know What's Going On In The Phantom (Weekdays)? Did you miss the end of The Curse of Old Man Mozz and maybe the Phantom's death? Did you miss the start of The Return of the Locust? Your chance to stay informed here. So how about that Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, huh? Enjoy. A lot.


Of course Bronner's has rabbit-themed merchandise, although I think this tag might just say everything. A gift for porsupah's improving spirits.


I may have mentioned but point your camera anywhere in Bronner's and you have an interesting picture. Here, looking up: Santa and reindeer suspended from the ceiling. Also lots of decoration even that high.


I don't deny that there are more dog ornaments than there are penguin ornaments. You maybe noticed there's three signs just in view guiding people to dogs. But still: they've got a section worth labelling that's nothing but penguin ornaments.


If you're one of those people who decorates their trees with bees and ceramic honeycomb but don't know where to go, I can tell you where to go: it's wherever these shelves are. PS also spiders.


Also aliens and some ornaments labelled ``Robotics'' in case you want your Christmas tree to celebrate the concept of doing things with self-governing machinery.


So that friend who wants to put sloth ornaments on his tree? Did he need a selection of sloth ornaments? Because, look at the figures: the ones on the right are a different style. Also underneath are some kind of dinosaur.

Trivia: Atlanta banned cattle from the public streets in 1881, against the objections of a large number of working people. (One J D Garrison described the law as ``the dictation of a codfish aristocracy,'' calling it ``an issue [ ... ] between the front yard of the rich man and the sustenance of the poor family''.) Source: Down To Earth: Nature's Role In American History, Ted Steinberg. (Garrison wasn't speaking crazily; laws against farm animals in the city did deprive poorer people of their milk, meat, and egg supplies. And leave them responsible for cleaning food waste off their streets. Nothing's ever completely straightforward.)

Currently Reading: The Greek War of Independence: Its Historical Setting, C M Woodhouse.

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