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And, oh, the good times hurry by so fast

I think the past week's entries on my humor blog explain themselves pretty well, which is why I haven't got short explanations to say what you'd see if you looked at them, which is why nobody has looked at them, which is why I mention them here. What do you think of them? Please, enjoy.

And now ... some last bits of Bronner's, but don't worry. There's still Frankenmuth!


Me and bunny_hugger beside the large Santa Claus statue, not our first picture in front of a giant Santa Claus of 2016.


More sculptures if you need to overdecorate your home for Christmas. Or if you've always wanted to sit in a polar bear.


One of the outdoor light fixtures that we recognized because the Crossroads Village Huckleberry Railroad light show includes this --- a snowman breathing deep and then frosting a tree with snowflakes --- on its Christmas train.


Better than nature! A deer sculpture atop one of the hills at Bronner's, right where it can consider nibbling on the fake tree.


The river running through Frankenmuth, as seen from the big municipal parking lot where we stowed the car while we went to the Bavarian Inn and did some other stuff.


bunny_hugger approaching the Bavarian Inn, which has about 840 rooms within, on several levels, for your German dining needs. Also, yes, we found stuff to eat despite trying to eat vegetarian in a German restaurant.

Trivia: In 1649 Adriaen van der Donck, colonial governor of New Amsterdam, wrote that the nearby waters had lobsters six feet long. Source: Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, Carl B Boyer.

PS: Something I Did Read: Literature's Greatest Opening Lines, As Written By Mathematicians, a suggestion you read something else entirely. But it's quick and funny, so, do.

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