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What did I do? And don't be blaming my daddy's shoes

bunny_hugger's parents packed up and left the house early Sunday morning, before we were quite up and functional, as they had warned us they planned to do. Before leaving her father wrote out a Notice on the back of one of his Yahtzee set scorecards warning the hot and cold lines were reversed, ``Hot is really cold, cold is hot, etc'' and taped it to the washer-dryer combo using a Band-Aid. Unanswered: what work is ``etc'' doing in that notice?

bunny_hugger's brother would take off next, leaving us to finish the last tidying-up of the house. We had got most of that done the night before, finishing off any perishables and packing what we might want to keep and cleaning all the dishes that we had dirtied and that was really most of the trouble we'd made. He asked us to look for a book he had gotten for his girlfriend, that he must have had in the house somewhere and couldn't locate. We never have located it, for all that we searched the house and our car and he searched his car. He said it was no big deal if we couldn't find it, but it was a first edition of some poet's, and it was inscribed by the author a half-century-plus ago, so that's a hard claim to quite believe. But we did say we would watch for it, and we have, without success.

When we had the house locked up and, we earnestly believe, the key to the house put safely in the combination-vault box for the next renter, we started to drive off. We stopped again almost immediately, on the small Omena Beach. We had stopped there with Stephen our last day --- one year before --- with him at that house. And he had liked the beach surprisingly well, and stunned us by hopping into the water. What might Columbo do?

He had the beach to himself, basically, at least as we started. And he responded to the novel environment by not wanting much of anything to do with it. Once he had sat still long enough to be confident the area wasn't going to holler at him or something he began to explore it, snipping some grasses and branches and stuff in half and climbing up the small slopes. He's never been one for moving up or down things, cheating him of half the space in his hutch, and I wondered if the experience hopping up and down the beach --- and of moving up and down the steps of the house's patio --- might alter his behavior. If they have, it's not by much; he still doesn't want to go up things.

While we were there --- and we were there nearly an hour --- an elder man came to the beach with a child. We supposed grandfather and grandchild, but don't actually know this. The child wanted to swing some, and couldn't find that mix between a swing high enough to be interesting but not so high to be frightening. After ten minutes or so they started to leave, then came back, for some more time on the swings. I kept wondering if they'd come over to ask about Columbo, but they never did. I'm not sure the child even saw this unusually large rabbit on a leash nearby. The grandfather(?) did, but didn't say anything to us or to the child. Finally they had to go, their time on the beach being done. The child was upset about the right amount for this. ``I know,'' the grandfather said. ``It's hard being done.''

What more is there to say except that our Traverse Bay vacation was done?

Trivia: The Pennsylvania Rail Road began electrifying its New York to Washington run in 1931. Electrifying the 1,405 miles of track took four years and cost $126 million. It reduced travel time from four hours 15 minutes to three hours 45 minutes. Source: The Wreck of the Penn Central: The Real Story Behind the Largest Bankruptcy in American History, Joseph R Daughen, Peter Binzen.

Currently Reading: The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, Carl B Boyer.

PS: More of the 2016 Silver Bells parade from before the rain made a mush of the 2016 Silver Bells parade!


Tail of the float for the Lansing Derby Vixens, one of the area's multiple roller derby teams, and the Junior Derby Vixens, with a logo that I'd like to know which one of you designed. Fess up, furs.


I don't know which group had the Peanuts float, but you can see it showing off the latest in 1970s mascot costume technology and, in Charlie Brown's ghoulish, haunted appearance a reminder of what happens when you don't have furries on your costume-making staff.


The illuminated ram that marched along with the Holt marching band.

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