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Through the white and drifted snow

And how's my humor blog been going? If you have an RSS reader you might know already, and if not, then how about this?

So here's a couple pictures from last year's Thanksgiving. Be warned: got two in here that are going to melt the most hardened of hearts.


The happy gardener! So last year bunny_hugger found a packet of Parisienne Carrot seeds. They grow into these adorable balls instead of long skinny fingers. It's perfect for the dish we have to grow them in and you see just how adorable they come out here. So yeah, we couldn't find these carrots this year, and can't even remember where we found them last year, so I guess we've just lost them forever.


His Majesty. The turkey-print centerpiece of the table, along with the rabbit-print plates that make up the dishes too nice to use for more than a couple special days each year.


bunny_hugger finishing Thanksgiving meal prep and doesn't your stomach feel warm just looking at all that? Yes.


One of the little dragon figures that bunny_hugger collects. The dragon's probably meant to be letting out a fierce roar, but by the time we got it home from Michael's, like two miles away, we had decided it was crying out, ``MmmmmMMMOOOooOOOOOOMMMM! Hydra won't stop teasing me!'' and now it's become that sibling that, yes, doesn't get the basic respect they should but also doesn't know how to ask for that basic respect without sounding like such a crybaby.


Our lost rabbit, Stephen, sprawled out, napping as near the fire as he could get given that we needed access to the fireplace and that he had a cardboard box house to hide underneath. Also see the little kids' bootie socks that we used to help him keep a little more clean and warm and made the computer at Meijer's Coupon Master Command think we have a toddler.


Our lost rabbit, Stephen, sprawled out on the fleece that we hope made him more comfortable in his last months. Even in his disabled state, and as unkempt as he ended up his last year, don't you just want to bury your face in that fur and never come back up?

Trivia: In a 1953 visit to Japan, United States Vice President Richard Nixon stated the pacifist Article 9 of their 1946 constitution was a mistake and the United States would raise no objection to its revision. Source: Year Zero: A History of 1945, Ian Buruma.

Currently Reading: The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, Carl B Boyer.

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