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So before I get to the next adventure --- Pinburgh and its environs --- let me do a little more picture dumping. Here's stuff that's not from the Black Friday visit to the VFW Ann Arbor Pinball Hall of Fame. It's from like two weeks after, when they held a Toys-for-Tots fundraising drive. I think they named it Tilts-for-Tots. You got in by bringing toys suitable for donation.


Backglass to Williams's 1985 Sorcerer and a reminder that when you let women (Pam Erickson) do the backglass art they can turn out awesome stuff that doesn't even feature underclad women with spheroidal chest lumps. The game's available on the Williams Pinball Hall of Fame CD-ROM for Wii, but not Pinball Arcade last I checked, which is among the reasons bunny_hugger cleans my clock on this game every time we play.


Playfield detail for Williams's 1981 Barracora, the game that started out with a monster fish theme and then went weird because somebody didn't want to deal with barracudas.


Meow meowmeow meow! Williams's 1989 Bad Cats, one of a couple of late solid-state games with this kind of cartoon-mayhem theme. (Compare to Mousin' Around, from the same era.) Keep looking in spots; there's a lot of chaos and mayhem going on. Also see the self-portrait of crazy artist Python Anghelo.


Lower playfield of Bad Cats, showing off more of its chaos and cartoony nonsense. Also a Puss In Boots for the modern era.


Upper playfield for Williams's 1988 Swords of Fury, including the lion-man targets and a whole bunch of miscellaneous cool monsters. Another Swords of Fury was part of my last set the second day of Pinburg. My recollection is I had a really good second ball that secured my first-place seed for the division.


Bally Midway's 1985 Cybernaut, a game that's got a backglass easily four times as cool as the game itself implies. Maybe I just haven't got the hang of it. But if you have the mid-80s science fiction paperback with this cover please send it to me because I want to read that book.


Surely I've featured this before but Williams's 1978 Skateball will never not be worth some attention, coming as it does at the peak of the Pornstache era. You can almost see the Network Stars hoping to battle this one out. Not really sure what's with Pornstache guy's left hand's fingers there.


And some more classic, old-fashioned styles: Gottleib's 1977 Lucky Hand, another of the estimated kajillion collect-a-card games and featuring people who've figured out how to rock the playing-card dress style. Also throwing around posterboard-sized playing cards.

Trivia: The telegram Heike Kamerlingh Onnes sent to James Dewar, reporting the liquefaction of helium, bore the wrong date. Source: Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold, Tom Schachtman. (I'm a bit confused how a telegram would get the wrong date, but I'd just assumed those were affixed by the telegraph company and maybe they did things differently in the Netherlands in 1908?)

Currently Reading: It Seemed Like Nothing Happened: The Tragedy and Promise of America in the 1970s, Peter N Carroll.

PS: What Only One Person Ever Has Thought 'Pi' Means, And Who That Was, featuring a crazy way of writing π.

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