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Seven swans a-swimming

(Sorry, honestly thought I had this scheduled to post and then was out late for Thanksgiving and then had a tire explode on the way home and even the AAA guy couldn't get three of the lugnuts off with his power drill so I feel no shame at not being able to do them by hand, OK?)

This week my humor blog contained a surprising number of entries with parentheses in their title. Did you miss them? You didn't need to; they can be on your Reading page. Or if you rather, on whatever RSS reader you like. And, yeah, here's my posting of links to them, too.

Now let's finish the train ride at Crossroads Village and also look at some outdoors stuff.


Surprisingly three-dimensional-looking train and reindeer light set along the Huckleberry Railroad.


One of their locally famous illuminations: a dragon that they had meant to get for their Halloween show, and that came late that year, so they put it up for Christmas and it stuck.


Another view of the dragon that switched from Halloween to Christmas, and showing how weird light is since nothing about the figure changed except the angle the train made with respect to it between this picture and the last.


Another train light fixture on the Huckleberry Railroad, this one from near the other turnaround. It's getting a bit crazy self-referential, though.


The Crystalline Entity that killed everyone on Omicron Ceti III and that was beginning to respond to communications attempts when Doctor Kila Marr destroyed it.


The people who make kettle corn in their little stand off on the corner at Crossroads Village. Also what happens when I accidentally photograph a Norman Rockwell scene.

Trivia: For thirteen years publicity press releases for Rockefeller Center were overseen by Merle Crowell, who would note things like ``All the Finns in Helsinfors, the Mexicans in Guadalajara, or the Scots in Dundee do not equal in numbers the daily population of Rockefeller Center. The entire population of the island of Tasmania or the republic of Turkestan is not so great as that of the development.'' Source: Great Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

PS: As I Try To Figure Out What Wronski Thought 'Pi' Was, a bit of mathematical grammatical forensic work. Fun! In my way.

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