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Five golden rings

Going to skip Pinburgh recapping today because I realized my photos are going to be split awkwardly between subjects tomorrow if I don't. Shut up, it does too make sense. But, I also ran across something delightful while vanity-Googling. It's an episode of the Tucson Pinball Podcast interviewing one of the people I played in finals! And includes a shocking revelation about my win that's got me trying to figure out how I can leave them a comment. I'm not sure. Anyway, here:

And with that let me close out Crossroads Village pictures from last year! Should have some new pictures soon.


On-ride still from the Crossroads Village C W Parker carousel. Also you can see in the distance the rummage sale where bunny_hugger (previously) got some good items for the top of Silver Bells trophies.


Cold operating shed. The booth where the guy who runs the Superior (Ferris) Wheel ride sits, along with the space heater that makes it less awfully cold in the December night.


The cupola of the carousel's building, with a little illuminated carousel animal.


View of the carousel building and the gazebo overhanging one of the kiddie pony-cart rides that the Crossroads Village has, as seen from atop of the Superior Wheel.


Carousel building and the Superior Wheel beyond it.


A quick last look at the Huckleberry Railroad train (at rest) and the spectacularly lit tree at the edge of the main village.

Trivia: Several days after his June 1901 visit to the Wright Brothers --- and his unsuccessful proposal of an aeronautical competition to them --- Octave Chanute sent the brothers a hand-held brass clinometer, usable to measure the angles of sand dunes, descent of a glider, angle of a tether rope, and other quite useful precision work. Source: To Conquer The Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight, James Tobin.

Currently Reading: The Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes and Imperial Pretenders, Peter Heather.

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