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I'm tired. Here's what's been on my humor blog the past week. Lot of real-life weirdness stuff going on. Enjoy!

So now here's a whole mass of pictures from the park and from the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site that was the other big thing we got out and saw our first full day visiting early this year.


So here's the sunlit world of what man believes to be ... Reality.


And there, my father, getting his walk in while bunny_hugger and I re-hide the letterbox and I think he checked on his medical appointment. (He's reached the stage in life that's mostly about going to medical appointments.)


So do you see the alligator in this picture? Me neither, but based on how my father talks it up, point a camera in any random direction in coastal South Carolina and there's two chances in five there's an alligator in the picture somewhere. To this my mother rolls her eyes.


Main house at the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, nearby enough to stop in and poke around a while. Pinckney you'll remember for representing South Carolina in the Constitutional Convention even though he was like 29 months old at the time, and for putting forth the Fugitive Slave Clause and the Religious Test Clause into debate.


Living room and fireplace within the Pinckney National Historic Site. Do you spot bunny_hugger and her chicken purse?


Foundations of one of the outbuildings at the Pinckney site. I think this was a guest house and that the slave houses were out back a ways.


bunny_hugger checking over the map to make sure we're on the boardwalk into what, at low tide, is a lot of tall grass. At high tide it's tall grass in the water.


Real shame when a tree explodes on you like that, huh? Well, that's nature for you.


View from some of the more feral, marshy areas back to the maintained lawn that surrounds the house proper.

Trivia: The Latin zodiac sign Pisces, the Fish, was in Sanskrit `Mina', and in the Babylonian scheme the 'Tails'. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Wonder Woman: The War Years, 1941 - 1945, Editor Roy Thomas. There are so many weird little bits of storytelling convention here. And yes, the book contains the Internet Famous panel where Wonder Woman creates a ``perfect woman's figure'' out of some cured hams and sausages. But when you put that in its full, proper context within the story: it's another weird little bit of storytelling convention. Srsly, I thought all my old-time radio listening prepped me for the kinds of shortcuts and habits of this era of dramatic and heroic adventure story but there's a lot to unpack here.

PS: Deciphering Wronski, Non-Standardly and a touch of non-standard analysis.

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