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Death is always annoying, but then nothing here is meant to last

We slept in as late as we could Tuesday. It wasn't very late, because we had to check out, of course. Maybe we could have gotten late checkout, but we did have six-plus hours of driving to MWS's home, and then an hour after that to get to our home. Couldn't wait around forever. I did ask, when I got out of the shower, whether Cedar Point had made its announcement about what Mean Streak would be turned into. That Mean Streak would be closed was the big announcement the day we travelled home from Pinburgh and Kennywood last year, and since the ride renovations had gone on so long without official announcement it seemed plausible that the coincidence might happen again. Not so, this time, anyway.

Were bunny_hugger and I on our own we would have stopped in at Cedar Point. It's roughly halfway, and with season passes it costs only the diversion from the Ohio Turnpike to stop in. But MWS didn't have a season pass this year, and to buy an admission just to ride Blue Streak and get something to eat? Obscene. We stuck to the turnpike instead.

Which still had some neat bits. One rest area turned out to have a Monopoly pinball. This was one of the modern Stern company's first games, back when they were signing up licenses by doing a random draw at the US Patent and Trademark Office. It also reminded me that I found a Monopoly game at some Ohio Turnpike rest area when I made the long drive from my old life to my current happy one. It must have been a different rest area, but it was possibly the same machine.

The machine was in terrible shape, though. Dirty playfield, weak flippers, and generally sluggish play. I was able to work out some shots, at least, and was the only one of us to start putting a decent game together. I even got one of the multiballs started, an event that caused the game to crash and reset. We turned the table off. Later we would learn that that particular machine at that particular location was known to other Michigan Competitive Pinball players, and the game's been in lousy shape as long as anyone can recall. If we'd had paper we could have written an explanation of what needed fixing, for that advice to go unheeded.

On MWS's advice we tried eating at one of the rest stop's Red Burrito places. It's at a rest area we could've gone to anytime driving back from Cedar Point, just, we usually wait until we're off the Turnpike, in Maumee, to stop at a particular Speedway for a snack. Probably won't have cause to stop there again until maybe another Pittsburgh trip when Cedar Point is closed. But it's good to know about the option, now.

We got to MWS's home safe and sound. And made it the one last hour back to our home, where we could collapse and, for the first time in a week-plus, go to sleep with no particular time we needed to be awake for anything, anywhere. Oh thank goodness.

Trivia: San Francisco had at least three air raid siren alarms the night of 7 December 1941. (Fire engine sirens were used, as they didn't have air raid sirens yet). Police ordered motorists to drive with only parking lights. Source: Don't You Know There's A War On?, Richard Lingeman.

Currently Reading: Astropilots, Laura J Mixon. late-80s teen SF with Omni Magazine branding that I picked up because of a giddy delight in its cover. The story features more mind-melding and body-swapping with an 18-inch-wide alien silicone ball than I had expected going in.

PS: More Marvin's as it was. It still basically is.


Above the row of pinball machines at Marvin's are animatronics salvaged from Chuck E Cheeses gone by. (bunny_hugger has idly wondered if any of them might be from hers, the one that used to be in Ann Arbor. It's imaginable.) They don't have the mechanism to move; they just sit there. Yes, that's a backglass to the Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash pinball up next to the Bart Simpson comic poster and stack of Hammermill boxes.


View of some of the model airplane's path, and a signed Matt Groenig poster that dates to 1990, I believe, showing how early Marvin's was in on this whole Simpsons thing. Yes, that's some model house fixture hanging from the ceiling top left there.


Standing near the end of the pinball row and looking towards the center of the floor space and yes, that's two carousel horses well above eye level there. One of them has a sign promising it's a replica Ilions Stander `for sale', but goodness knows whether Marvin would have ever entertained a serious bid on it. The horses are (as of last Friday) still there.

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