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Thank you for the days, those endless days

Lost in the rush of stuff written out ahead of time and then Christmas goings-on: we got back Columbo's ashes. We had started to worry because a week went by without hearing anything from the vet clinic. What if the crematorium had made a mistake and didn't know we wanted remains back? Or what if the ashes had gotten lost somewhere on the way?

The veterinary clinic had left a message on the answering machine for Stephen's ashes when they were ready. This time they sent a condolence card, signed by what looked like everybody there. This seems new. But it did give me a pretext to call, that I could thank them for the card, and then say that we hadn't heard anything about Columbo's ashes. They said they'd gotten some remains in that day, and also that they didn't know why we hadn't been called. We gathered up the leftover medicines and plastic syringes and stuff that they could safely dispose of it.

Columbo's ashes were, like Stephen's, kept in this lovely little wooden box. We'd worried ahead of time that we couldn't tell the difference between his and Stephen's. No risk of that. The carved patterns are different on the both. Columbo's box is a touch longer, though not as tall. And the remains are appreciably heavier, enough to start worrying about possible mistakes. But that's probably all explained by the ends of their lives. Stephen had dwindled to a bare eight pounds, however much we tried feeding him banana balls and basil leaves. Columbo when he was lost was something like thirteen pounds, though there's no telling how much of that would be urine. (Not a joke. In November I took him to the clinic to examine why his legs were weak. He weighed a light-but-acceptable 13 pounds, but after his bladder was fully expressed and all the urine squeezed out, was a mere 12 pounds.) Given they were both slightly undersize Flemish Giants it's easy not to realize how much healthier Columbo was, apart from dying young.

And now we have the boxes of two rabbits, sitting in a cherished place, and marked with the stamped coins bunny_hugger had made for both at Marvin's early in the year.

Would rather have the whole rabbits, but that wasn't one of the options we had.

We got the ashes back the 22nd, the first anniversary of Stephen's death.

Trivia: Henry V was the first English monarch to insist on a chantry chapel, in which masses for his soul would be said in perpetuity. Source: Shakespeare's Kings: The Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages, 1337 - 1485, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics, Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon.

PS: And the Women's World Pinball Championship, Round One.


But she only scored 2,421, giving bunny_hugger her one victory in the best-of-seven match. But then nobody else did better than one victory against her Doctor Who-fan opponent, so, all right then.


bunny_hugger watches her opponent do frightfully well on CSI.


bunny_hugger hard at work, chopping wood, all alone, trying to make up the points deficit on CSI. Meanwhile, Pinball Magic has issues.

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