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Happy new year, bunny_hugger, and with you it is.

And for the last week of the year my humor blog was back to a low level of activity. Here's what you missed.

And have you thought any about What's Going On In The Amazing Spider-Man? Here's your chance to have your thinking about it done for you! October - December 2017 only.

So how were things at the National Championship back in March?


And then there was a bird flew in.


Bird examines the proceedings and considers its reflection in the window as part of its album cover.


Bird offering the unsolicited advice that he's got extra ball lit, shoot up the right orbit to collect!


The national championship gets ever-closer to finals. One of the players here is Florida champion Eric Stone, who's a TV weather forecaster, and who says his favorite game is indeed Whirlwind, although to be fair even if it weren't, with a background like that, everyone would trust it had to be.


Seriously, first player, ball one, and 8,464,390 points. I have never broken six million points on an entire game, and that was on a table that was ... not quite as hard as this one. bunny_hugger has broken ten million points but, again, that took her whole game to do, and was on a much easier table.


And the night wends its way, slowly, ever-closer to its conclusion, Eric Stone's first-place finish. Stone is, as of this moment, ranked 9th in Texas and I believe all he played in in that state is this and a couple of the tournaments run that weekend. He's also ranked 1st in Florida and Georgia, and 7th in Massachusetts, so he should have his choice of four state tournaments to try his luck in.

Trivia: Chinese sundials from the second millennium BC survive. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics, Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon.

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