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He's got crazy flipper fingers; never seen him fall

The cool part about the end of one year and start of another is that the humor blog almost writes itself. I have a compelling theme and that's the hard part of writing. It doesn't read itself, though. If you'd like to help, here's the link for your Reading Page and link for your RSS reader. And the articles themselves:

And a little more of the pin-golf and the Fun! store and what it looked like to be there.


bunny_hugger pondering her options while, behind her, stuff gets commented upon.


Kind of what the whole pin-golf side looked like. Some people playing, a lot of recreational equipment all over the place, and some people standing around waiting for their turn or looking up strategy. Also bringing in food from the fast-food places nearby.


Oh yeah, how it turned out: the national championship brackets all worked out.


Backglass and topper for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game and try telling me that topper isn't everything you might have ever hoped for.


Again, detail for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and (a) Splinter is adorable and (b) I love the turtle calling out 'Pizza!' as the first step of his mutation.


In the quiet moments. The front room of Fun!, mostly turned off, although a few machines here and there were available for play.

Trivia: In one version of trap-ball, a batter hits the ball out to a fielder and calls a number. The fielder returns the ball and measures how many bat-lengths the ball reached. If the batter's number was less than the length of the hit, he won the called number of points. If his number was more than the length of the hit, he won no points and lost his at-bat. Source: Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search For The History Of The Game, David Block.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1995 - 1996, Charles M Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

PS: How December 2017 Treated My Mathematics Journal, just what it says on the tin.

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