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How do you like the theme to Garry's show

Outside the elevator, towards the door (there's a door leading to the street; there's no wall around back leading to the parking lot), I found the path was almost completely blocked by a large desk. It was jammed opposite an office door, in a little branch corridor that leads to the women's room and the stairwell, and a half-dozen students were gathered around it, some pressing as if they were trying to move it, without budging, but most of them looking guiltily around. I had to quip that the desk bathroom was on the other side of the building, and fled when I had to try explaining the line.

And twice today as I walked past people (who weren't talking or with anyone otherwise) suddenly, and at the perfect moment for best comic effect, snorted ``Hrmph'' as I passed. I've got the disconcerting feeling there's a sitcom going on around me, and I'm just an extra.

Trivia: Mathematical genius Georg Cantor became convinced he could prove Francis Bacon wrote the plays of William Shakespeare. Source: The Mystery of the Aleph, Amir D. Aczel.

Currently Reading: World History, 1815-1920, Eduard Fueter. I have to count this as getting tips for my playing Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun, an adaptation, only way more complicated, of Europa Universalis II to 1836-1920. Following a VickyWiki (sheesh) tip sheet I'm trying Brazil, whose isolation lets me be secure with little military might. By focusing on culture, in fact, I've amassed enough Prestige to rank as a Great Power. Great Powers are the top eight, by points, countries; points are awarded for industrial capacity, military might, and prestige, from diplomatic, cultural, military, and economic accomplishments. The opening of a school of Kantorian philosophers (hi, bunny_hugger!) brought most of those points, and as you might expect life is a lot easier as a Great Power, especially one on great terms with the United Kingdom. Fine as culture is, though, I'm focusing my research now on industrial development. The esteem of the civilized world is nice, but I need machine tools too.


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