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Moving as hard but I got squared away

We did, just ahead of Halloween, repeat our visit to a local haunted house with one of bunny_hugger's friends from grad school. We'd been there two years prior and enjoyed walking around the house and taking the hayride. In 2016 we didn't have the time, but for 2017 we ... didn't exactly have the time. We went on a Saturday which we figured might just be a terrible time to go. We went to arrive as early as possible, hoping to beat the crowds, and that worked. There was a queue when we arrived, but there was two or three times the queue when we left.

The haunted house itself was completely changed in theme from the previous visit. I have no way of knowing whether they change it every year, or whether we just caught it as they decided one stock setting had gotten played out. This time around it was themed to an abandoned retirement home, if I remember right, and that gave us many rooms of walking around more personal stuff before coming to the rooms with surgical equipment and stuff.

Our previous visit they'd had someone up front get our names, and pass them on to actors who'd call, unseen, for us. They didn't repeat that stunt and that's a bit of a shame as it's a good one. We did get crowded up in the room with the coffin, and just before the psychedelic maze portion, with a group of young adults pushing each other to go as fast as possible through the place. Which might have worked out all right: in that room was a guy doing some crowd-talk work, and his attention was focused on the young adults and he let us pass through without bother. (I forget what exactly was bothersome; I think he might have just been coming very close without breaking haunted-house-attraction rules about physical contact.)

The house let out into a hedge maze, and I believe we passed one kid standing in a cul-de-sac telling us to not give him away. Their fun to have. We also took the haunted hayride, chugging eventually past a good couple sets and props and actors who mostly gave frights to other people. I'd made the mistake, as the first person on the hayride, of sitting right up front which would also be directly behind the tractor and its noise. Oops. I'll know better for next time. Yes, some of the actors had chainsaws.

Our big lesson for next time: it probably would've been fun to go through the corn maze, too. We'll have to see about doing that.

Trivia: Outstanding debt in the United States rose from $31.84 trillion to $45.32 trillion between the end of 2002 and the end of 2006, an increase of about $43,000 per capita. Source: How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities, John Cassidy.

Currently Reading: The Day The World Discovered The Sun: An Extraordinary Story of Scientific Adventure and the Race to Track the Transit of Venus, Mark Anderson.

PS: Reading the Comics, January 13, 2018: Barney Google Is Messing With My Head For Some Reason Edition, like it says on the tin.

PPS: cool stuff at Six Flags over Texas.


Lift hill and some of the twisty passages of La Vibora, which had maybe too long a line for how good a ride it is, but which I believe was down for some of that time.


Old water fountain and pool that I think were both dry and looking shabby-chic, somewhere in the Mexico section of the park.


Train puttering over the slow-moving queue of the New Texas Giant hybrid roller coaster. Here the ride did stop, without explanation we got, for a long while and we saw at least a couple trains go by.

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