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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade

bunny_hugger runs a costume contest for the Lansing Pinball League. It's easy enough: the last meeting before Halloween, everyone who wants to comes in costume and she takes votes for the top three costumes. And she had her inspiration for this year, thanks to that dragon hat from Waldameer.

She figured to build it into a whole dragon costume. To that end she got some shiny-scaled fabric from JoAnn's. After some false starts she traced out patterns for a tail. With some more lightweight fabric she made simple, fingerless gloves. And took a plain eyemask and scaled it up. The dragon hat, which includes a mouth and nose and eyes, would be the main focus of anyone's attention there. But with the scaled eyemask she could reduce the obviousness of how she had, you know, her whole face there on what would logically be the dragon's throat. And also still see. She also got a pair of bat wings from one of the Halloween stores and dressed them up with scale fabric. This was just the edges and skeletal bones, but it turned a very basic bat wing prop into a pretty solid dragon wing prop. Add to that the rubber bird feet that she'd gotten for a raven costume years ago, spray-painted back to green, and she was looking very good. And when she hot-glued a bunch of prop coins onto an old purse, she even had what WVL immediately identified as a dragon's hoard to keep by her side. It won't surprise you to know she won the contest, by a runaway vote.

And me? I thought showing up in my red panda kigurumi was getting a little tired (I'd done it twice, although improved it the second time by adding a raccoon mask to my face and wearing the head down). After a lot of looking around the Halloween shop dissatisfied I figured to go with a scarecrow, the sort of thing that's classic and simple enough and yet that you don't see people doing so much anymore.

The day of the contest, while bunny_hugger was at work, I stopped once more in the Halloween shop and had a flash of insight. After checking that it was made with artificial feathers I bought a crow face mask, with nice long black beak and this lovely spray of dark plastic feathers to cover my face. And now I had a proper scare-crow. And I added to it the touch of my Indiana Beach amusement park shirt. WVL figured I was going as Indiana Beach's mascot, I B Crow. Not really, but I was willing to take the credit, especially as a lot of people were baffled by what exactly I was going for. I think they thought there was something deeper than scare-crow at work.

I took second place, although in what can't be said to be a competitive field: nobody else dressed up. Possibly it was too early; by the machinations of fate and whatnot the costume contest was the 24th of October, a week ahead of Halloween and pretty far even from any bar's Halloween party. Possibly it was because the league had lousy attendance all season, and there weren't so many people to draw things. Third place went to MWS, who explained that he had something he could put on but he'd left it in the car outside, and also said he was acting as something or other that I forget. MWS is a great guy, but, boy did I want him to go out and put on whatever it was, even if it weren't all that much.

The good costumes wouldn't go to waste, though. We'd have them for Halloween --- giving out tricks-or-treats, and the Halloween Party at the bar the next Tuesday --- and for bunny_hugger's pinball tournament.

Trivia: In April 1862 the Confederate Congress gave legal provision for moving the capital from Richmond should that be necessary in the face of General McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. Source: The Confederate Nation 1861 - 1865, Emory M Thomas.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1997-1998, Charles Schulz. Editor Gary Groth. If I don't miss it, the text doesn't mention at all the six weeks of reruns --- the only ones done before Schulz retired --- as he needed time to fundraise for the World War II memorial on the National Mall.

PS: waiting! And for what, at Six Flags over Texas?


Lift hill for the New Texas Giant, a wooden roller coaster converted to Rocky Mountain Construction-based steel track. Also probably a taste of what Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance will be like, come to it.


New Texas Giant's station has an auto-care-place theme to it so of course they hang a pinup calendar of Lola Bunny.


At least one woman's glad to have made it back to the station. I'm amused by the car-with-steer-horns motif but that's just because I remember it as a weird joke on Get Smart poking gentle fun at the President back when the country had one.

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