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The earth is shaking, and so am I

This past week my humor blog has included three-quarters of a MiSTing, so I'll just group those together. The last part should appear tomorrow.

So now let's step back into Ann Arbor and the wonderful place we wanted to visit there.


Liberty Square Park, one of those 1970s oceans of concrete that they thought would be warm back then. I'm kind of glad we still have them like this.


Renovations heavily under way at what used to be Seva's vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Seva's was chased out of town by rising rents and I know its replacement has opened. But we haven't been to that, and we've only been to Seva's new location a couple of times. Of course we've only been to Ann Arbor a handful of times the last year-plus.


Pretzel Bell: A revival of a bar that lasted decades in Ann Arbor, and a couple more decades in its East Lansing spinoff. The name draws from some story about the bell being what drew the community to a spot to hang out and talk, and the pretzels being what you'd eat while sharing (something like that). The revival replaces a longstanding diner and has nothing to do with the original owners or staff or anybody.


And why we went to Ann Arbor that day: it was the final weeks of The Peaceable Kingdom, this perfectly 1975 shop downtown, being forced out by rising rents and the owner being too old to want to deal with moving or anything.


But noticed around the corner: this mysterious entrance. It seems like it must've been an employee entrance; at least, that's the least weird idea to explain it.


The bunny-toy offerings at the Peaceable Kingdom. Underneath, the bunny_hugger, whom you can't have as she's still happier with me.

Trivia: In 1814 at least three quarters of a million Britons signed petitions for the abolition of slavery. Source: Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power, Niall Ferguson.

Currently Reading: The Dancers of Noyo, Margaret St Clair.

PS: Wronski's Formula For Pi: How Close We Came, and see where I made a dumb mistake!

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