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We'll find a way through the mad rushing crowd

We were in Mexico much of the last week. But I had a lot of stuff for my mathematics blog pre-loaded and ready to go. And then one thing that wasn't pre-loaded. So here it is.

What's Going On In Dick Tracy? November 2017 - January 2018 is my story comic review for the week. And now let's poke around The Peaceable Kingdom a bit more:


Rubber rat trying to make its way into the Itty Bitty Home Appliances, whatever the heck those are exactly.


bunny_hugger just past the cheap thrills and pondering the less-cheap thrills at the back of the store.


The Peaceable Kingdom, from the back and looking toward the entrance.


And something we only that day discovered about The Peaceable Kingdom: they've got fairy doors, like a fair number of Ann Arbor shops.


Peeking inside the fairy door: a slightly disheveled fairy shop, probably stocked from the cheap thrills counter.


It turned out the fairy shop had windows on the inside, underneath the display windows of the Peaceable Kingdom.

Trivia: The name of the International Monetary Fund traces to Maynard Keynes; before his intervention at the Bretton Woods conference it would have likely been the ``International Stabilization Fund''. Source: 1945: The War That Never Ended, Gregor Dallas. (I mean, Keynes had more influence than that, but this is indeed a trivial bit.)

Currently Reading: Space Lash, Hal Clement. The first story (1956's ``Dust Rag'') starts off this nice zippy Arthur C Clarke-ish piece about astronauts trying to find a local south magnetic pole on the Moon, and then their helmets get covered in static-charge-attracted moon dust and it turns into five pages of how to solve this physics problem and my heart just sank. It was so nice a story about exploring an exotic setting and then a solve-the-puzzle got dropped into it.

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