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Over the dead oak tree spooks arrive for the midnight spree

We'd left my car in the hotel parking lot, and pretty close to the Oceana Entrance/Exit. That had turned out to be incredibly convenient when we were going to our room. In the Hotel Breakers. Which had closed for the season at noon Sunday and was now, after 8 pm, locked up.

I had assumed there was sidewalk around this end of the hotel. You know, to walk around the place. There wasn't. There was a tall fence that made it impossible to get to the car except by walking around the whole length of the Hotel Breakers. Down the boardwalk. The unlit boardwalk.

Well, what was there to do but hike around the Hotel? ... We couldn't think of anything, at least. We started walking.

So, a couple months ago I learned of a plaque at the University of Pennsylvania noting where, once, Former President Gerald Ford had gotten stuck in an elevator for like 20 minutes. This led me to a web site that tracks where plaques are and what they say. Most are about more serious matters. But I'd found on it that Cedar Point had two plaques along the boardwalk, and we'd thought to spend some time on the weekend finding them. We'd forgotten the whole weekend. And now we got to see them without particularly seeking them out. One denotes the rough location where, in 1913, Knute Rockne and Gus Dorias saved college football from its reputation as a brutal death-sport by inventing and debugging the forward pass. Another plaque, right nearby, denotes aviation pioneer Glenn H Curtiss, and his August 1910 flight from Cleveland to Cedar Point and back, then a record for nonstop flight over water.

Still, it was a lot of walking. I took advantage of my long legs to run ahead of bunny_hugger and bring the car up to her, saving another ten minutes or so of walking while exhausted. And then we could head home peacefully and without incident.

Except that bunny_hugger tried taking out her contact lenses in the car, and a bad bump in the road left that lens missing. We'd had to stop at a hotel just off the point to go into the lobby bathroom and fish it out under the better light. And then we could head home peacefully and without incident.

Except for the previously mentioned lack of vegetarian-friendly hot roller foods at the Speedway. But, I mean, having to eat Bugles instead of cheese in a fried dough covering is really not much of an incident.

We'd go the next day down to bunny_hugger's parents, there to carve pumpkins and retrieve Columbo. It was the latest we'd carved pumpkins, relative to Halloween. But we didn't have any better time for it, and it left us with jack-o-lanterns in perfect shape for Halloween itself. They stayed in perfect shape surprisingly long, too, without the nibbling by squirrels that usually demolishes them. Good season, really.

Trivia: The Imperial Chinese calendar began the day at midnight, and a month with the new moon as observed in Beijing. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Carousel and Automatic Music News, September/October 2017. Editor Rosanna Harris. One of the magazines I bought at the Merry-Go-Round Museum,

PS: Let's take in a movie theater!


Second floor of the Michigan Theater taken through the slightly arty perspective filter, and the building's wall of mirrors.


The balcony above and the aisles below. ... Well, I guess that's the men's room above, but two floors, anyway.


Inside the Dawn Treader here's a ship's masthead faintly looking out on a patron. Also the cover for my spoken-word album.

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