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They say we're young and we don't know

Now, not to brag, but I woke on Thursday just knowing that the coatis at the Cohanzick Zoo, in Bridgeton, south Jersey, had forecast an early spring. There is no rational way I could have known this; I just did. Make of that what you wish.

But the zoo held their ``Coati Day'' observance on Thursday, with Floiemel, Carmela, and Margarita given the chance to prowl around and choose between some food at a sign marked ``Spring'' and some other food at a sign marked ``Winter''. They went to both, say the news reports, but went to ``Spring'' first so they're counting that as an early-spring forecast.

Alison Bohn, zookeeper there, pointed out to the media that coatis are an animal that exists and that I did not make up. Also that coatis are ``way smarter'' than groundhogs, apparently in an attempt to stir up trouble between the raccoon family and the squirrel family. I'm not looking to escalate that, thanks.

I couldn't find as many pictures or as many different videos as in previous years. Maybe I didn't give Google News enough time to notice the existence of South Jersey's local news sites. Maybe the news just got squeezed out. I noticed another article at mentioned the sudden closing of the Burlington Center Mall, ``New Jersey's saddest mall'', two months early when a water pipe burst. How sad was the mall? Sad enough that it does have one anchor store that's still staggering on, open, and it's the Sears. Must admit that's interesting too.

Michigan's official state groundhog, Woody the Woodchuck, forecast six more weeks of winter (so, an early spring) and bit Larry Nasser.

Trivia: United States border inspectors made no particular effort to regulate Mexican nationals entering the country until 1929. Source: Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America, Peter Andreas.

Currently Reading: A Short History of the Office of Price Administration, Harvey C Mansfield and Associates. Because ... I mean ... look, I already talked about this, okay? Lemme alone.

PS: On to Motor City Fur[ry] Convention, last year!


The Motor City Fur[ry] Convention con suite, as seen through the thick of my guinea pig puppet. The big blue-grey thing on the right is the trash bin I was using to gather ballots for the ``Trash Panda: Yes or No'' vote. (Yes won.)


The Foxamore/Pepper Coyote concert, sober edition. Also featuring some bass player who didnt' get an introduction we noticed but who did rather nicely.


Folks dancing durin the Foxamore/Pepper Coyote concert.

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