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Rocking for a mile

Happy Valentine's Day, my love. Let me let you down a little by doing nothing but share pictures for it. A full battery of Motor City Furry Con 2017 pictures:


People milling around after the official end of the convention.


Hyena thinking it's safe to snitch now that the convention's over.


Hotel main lobby and the chance for people in fursuits to just touch each other a while.


Oh yeah, so, photographed from the bulletin board: the helpful easy instructions on how to ``log in'' to Sociopolitical Ramifications using your cell phone. Unanswered: gosh, so why aren't mucks having a second golden age in the era when every furry has a lot of time and a mobile phone that's great for hanging out in a text-based format? (And yeah, a lot of this is stuff to do once you've logged in, but still.)


Well, I see no reason why this request shouldn't be respected! Let's see how it ...



Trivia: Only the ice hockey and skating venues were actually within the city limits of Innsbruck for the 1964 Winter Games. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Concepts in Thermal Physics, Stephen J Blundell, Katherine M Blundell.

PS: There's Technically Still Time To Buy A Theorem For Valentine's Day although not really quite so much time.

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