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Later we'll have some pumpkin pie

We've taken to cutting down two Christmas trees. Also to getting them later in December than we really mean. It's just hard finding time, especially since the tree farm we go to runs the truck back to the more distant trees only on the weekends and, especially when we're meeting bunny_hugger's parents there, we don't want to walk quite that far. We end up walking at least that far, since we've ended up looking for trees that are planted several dozen miles away from either the main shop or the dropoff spot. (Also, they haven't had a reindeer at the dropoff spot for several years now. The one they used to have died, and they haven't found a replacement so far as I know.)

While wandering around looking for any suitable tree we found one that just looked almost perfect ... except that somebody had already cut it down. But we couldn't find what imperfection had made them abandon the tree after cutting it. While decrying the waste we thought: well ... gosh, it is perfect. Why would someone have abandoned it? We thought maybe they had cut the tree down and then gone back for a cart to wheel it back, but the branches had snow on top. And it had snowed the previous night but not that day. If there were one flaw to the tree, it's that it was small, but it was just too perfectly-shaped to turn down. And so we got our first tree without any cutting needed.

We also wanted an upstairs tree. And here, after we found one, bunny_hugger wanted to try cutting the tree down. We'd gotten our own hacksaw, much newer and shinier and rust-free compared to the ones the tree farm loaned out. It's cut through some of our weed trees as though going through butter. On the Christmas tree at the farm ... it was slower. But still speedy. And we got two trees without my having to so much as kneel down.

bunny_hugger's parents bought a pre-cut tree, as they do every year, and spoke of how maybe next year they'd cut one themselves, as they do every year.

We got back to our house where we set the trees up, and delighted at how Columbo looked with curious awe at a tree in our house. We gave him a couple little branches, that he chewed at for a few minutes --- we wondered what it was with Flemish Giants and Christmas trees, as this had been one of Stephen's favorite treats --- although as usual with eating things, Columbo lost interest after a bit and then just sort of allowed them to be.

Columbo died the next day, having seizures. And one of our thoughts was: did the tree poison him? There are those who hold that rabbits shouldn't be fed pine needles. But he didn't have many and it isn't as though wild rabbits can't have all the pine needles they have a taste for. We speculated maybe there was pesticide put on the trees that had poisoned our rabbit. But that wouldn't fit either: if anything even suspected of being pet-dangerous were on the trees, there would be warnings everywhere at the farm.

We had, as often we do, Chinese food from the place with scarily good fake meat as an early dinner with bunny_hugger's parents. And then, as we never do, we drove down to their house. bunny_hugger was helping set up Christmas lights inside their windows, so that there'd be something festive to see from outside. And her father gave us the laser-cut wood ornament celebrating Columbo's existence. We also, I think, played Mice and Mystics, an event that should have been more memorable because we finally, finally beat the last chapter in the basic campaign. We had first played this campaign in July, when we were staying in Omena and with bunny_hugger's brother, and we'd come close but lost each time. This time, no, we did everything right and got the lucky rolls that let us close in triumph.

Trivia: After Denver voters refused to fund the facilities needed to host the 1976 Winter Games, former International Olympic Committee president Avery Brundage said that had he been in office, he would have used this (which came months after the attacks at the Munich Summer Olympics) as the chance to end the Winter Olympics altogether. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: The Urban Bestiary: Encountering the Everyday Wild, Lyanda Lynn Haupt.

PS: Reading the Comics, February 10, 2018: I Meant To Post This Thursday Edition but you know, stuff came up.

PPS: A couple more karaoke pictures from MCFC? Sure!


bunny_hugger rejoined the air band and got herself a nice cover for my acoustic album.


Karaoke ended with everyone out on the floor to sing, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody.


People securing a spot for the Dead Dog Dance early.

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