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I had another four-post week on my mathematics blog, and somehow avoided posting ``Wrongski'' for what I hope is the last time I need to! Celebrate! If it wasn't on your RSS feed, it's here now.

And in comics? What's Going On In Rex Morgan, M.D.? And Who's Contesting the Adoption? December 2017 - March 2018

And now, pictures from a special visit somewhere ...


The Grid! Hip new barcade that opened in Lansing last year and that hoped to be full of old video games and weird, quirky pinball games. It was a nicely eccentric set of pinball games too, but the place isn't a good hangout to our tastes. ... I mean, you know how you can get a diet soda at a bar? Not this one.


One night after the Lansing pinball league we all moved over to try out The Grid and liked that it had older games, like Space Shuttle or Flash Gordon, or less-popular games like Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle or Roller Coaster Tycoon.


Looking back at the main bar, and the Nintendo clouds above, and the TVs showing the Filmation He-Man series so add to that the fact that if you wanted a pop it was a $4 bottle of some obscure (and non-Diet) brand, do you now know just what the place is?


bunny_hugger setting the grand championship on Big Guns, and while they wouldn't put her name up on the bar's high score blackboard for some reason, she would come back to do this same feat several more times.


View from the second floor, where all the consoles with, like, Mario racing games are. Also a view of one of the Pac-Man lights from the ceiling.


View of the hanging lights in a shot that turned out quite a bit better than I'd have hoped for. I love how the reflection of a ghost ended up inside the Pac-Man.

Trivia: The Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C and the X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar experiments, flown on STS-59, produced 225 million bits of data per second. The Space Shuttle's maximum transmission rate to the ground was 50 million bits per second. They would fill one of the 166 tape cassettes every thirty minutes. Source: Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir, Tom Jones.

Currently Reading: Mapping in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Editor David I Macleod.

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