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Keeping up on my humor blog? This is what it's been up to.

If you want to keep up on this as it happens you can add the site to your Reading page, or if you'd rather, to your RSS reader, if you have an RSS reader. Remember RSS readers? They were great. And now I get to last May, in my photos, and AnthrOhio.


AnthrOhio 2017 started Thursday night with karaoke and this is what the best performers of the night looked like.


Again, furry karaoke: singing with a paw on.


Opening ceremonies for AnthrOhio, on Friday. Also every opening ceremonies for every furry convention ever.


bunny_hugger and Buttercup considering moves in the live-action text-adventure game. Her ultimate idea: ``let's not be murder hobos a little? Mmm?''


Cake decorating! The theme for the convention was Furries Of Tomorrow and that's why I made my mock-pulp-SF-magazine cover, in the lower center there. See also the rubbish bin I used to conduct my ``Trash Pandas: Yes or No'' vote. Also the ball of fuzz that's my guinea pig puppet.


Cake decorating was done in full view of the pizza party, open to all comers.

Trivia: On the 12th of December, 1862, Confederate general John C Pemberton forbade the Mobile & Ohio Railroad to transport corn or bacon for private persons within his military department. It was meant to reserve food for Vicksburg forces; food prices soared in Mobile, Alabama. Source: The Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C Black III.

Currently Reading: Science of the Magical: From the Holy Grail to Love Potions to Superpowers, Matt Kaplan. I'd thought from sampling in the library this was more about how magic went from a worldview to an academic pursuit to an entertainment pursuit. It's actually more one of those ``here's a real science fact that kind of resembles some bit of mythology so maybe all that magic stuff was just an expression of this real life thing?'' that's kind of nonsense but at least assembles an interesting heap of trivia and oddball facts.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 10, 2018: I Will Get To Pi Day Edition, but I'm still on last week's comics now.

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