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And I would hang up my stocking at Christmas

One thing bunny_hugger's Spanish teacher in high school assured her was that Spanish speakers did not speak of the baño when they meant a public restroom. After all, where are the baths? Yeah, so, either the common use of the language has changed in the short while since she was in high school, or Mexican Spanish is different on this point from Spanish Spanish, or the teacher was speaking of a more formally ``correct'' language than is actually deployed in the field. I remember my French teacher pointing out how one might go to la salle de bains, or to la WC, but I don't remember whether she was fussy about a salle de bains having to have a tub in it. Anyway, we found a good number of baños at the park --- and outside Six Flags Mexico, so the term can't just be something imposed by Yankee executives who know Google Translate and little else --- as well as sanitorios.

I mention because as we were getting organized again after using a baño, I noticed a squirrel in the trees. I'm always delighted by wildlife at amusement parks and especially, for some reason, chipmunks and squirrels at them. I assume it was a Mexican Grey Squirrel. Looked a good bit like an eastern grey, although not bulked up for winter. It was winter in Mexico City, as we understood from the number of trees dropping every leaf possible, but it wasn't a hard winter. We watched the squirrel doing his business of shaking even more leaves off a tree, and even got some decent pictures, or at least so we hope.

Afterwards we found, finally, the park's carousel. It's not an antique; it's the sort of two-level Venetian that you see at shopping malls with upscale food courts. The carousel was surrounded by Christmas decorations, and we could make out the strands of lights not yet turned on for the Christmas In The Park show. bunny_hugger started taking the best photos she could, for her 2019 homemade carousel calendar. As she noted, this could take the place of the Crossroads Village Carousel for a December picture.

We made another approach on Batman The Ride, this time venturing through the Comics Shop to find the way down the hill and into the little area holding the roller coaster. There were only two rides there just now, Batman and the Justice League interactive dark ride. There'll likely be three soon; we could see the track being assembled for the Wonder Woman Coaster. As in 2017 we made a weirdly early-in-the-year visit to a Six Flags park we had no reason to think we'd ever see and got there before a roller coaster had opened.

Batman The Ride is an inverted, loop-heavy roller coaster, the same model as Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure or the Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England (the major New England park we haven't made it to), or Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (which we had). So if we knew anything to expect it was our ears being boxed by the over-the-shoulder restraints, and it didn't disappoint here. But the ride was nicely operated, everyone loading and unloading faster than Michigan's Adventure, even though the restraint system is the same. Around this point I came to the realization that the Six Flags Mexico park, at least, defies the chain's reputation for slapdash operations. It can't all be that many of the roller coasters don't have seat belts --- which really slow down loading and unloading, since people are bad about fastening belts, clumsy unbuckling them, and they have to each be individually checked --- and make do with the original manufacturer's restraint systems. It might just be that effect where ordinary routine stuff like safety checks are just done better outside the United States.

And by now we had ridden six of the park's eight roller coasters. We couldn't go on Superman El Ultimo Escape; it was down the whole day, and we came to accept that more or less as we waited for Batman The Ride. We had a good view of the Superman roller coaster all through walking up to and waiting for and riding Batman The Ride, and saw no trains, no test trains, no nothing. The other one we hadn't ridden was Dark Knight. We saw it, early in the morning, walking between Medusa Steel Coaster and Roller. But the sign out front said the wait for it was 100 minutes and while that's plausible we weren't going to start the day on that. Since we'd made it to everything else, and it wasn't quite 4 pm yet, we could think about trying our luck with Dark Knight. Who knows; maybe the queue would have dissipated, or maybe the morning's dismal report had been a mistake.

Since it was the other thing in this cul-de-sac we went to the Justice League interactive dark ride. It was built in a replica 70s Cartoon Hall of Justice, just like the one at Six Flags Over Texas that we had tried to ride the year before and that went down before we could. It seemed to be the same ride, too. The entry queue had the monitors with the same computer-animated Lex Luthor and Joker taunting Cyborg, although this time in Spanish so it was even harder to understand that we were going to go through settings where we had to shoot the targets. They had good settings, though, a nice bunch of Metropolis-or-possibly-Gotham-City street scenes with enough real stuff moving that it was a decent show too. And we even got the hang of what to shoot at before the ride was over. And now we had a fair idea of what we had missed when we didn't wait for the possibility of that ride in Dallas the year before.

As we walked through the long path into the building, we spotted another squirrel, this one digging about in the grass and by one of the light fixtures.

Trivia: The Edison Machine Works moved from New York City to Schenectady in 1886. The new property was purchased for $37,500, well below cost, thanks to the help of the Schenectady Chamber of Commerce. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

Currently Reading: Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich , Norman Ohler, translator Shaun Whiteside. Then it gets into the parts about Hitler's heavy drug use and oooh, yes, that's that great History Channel History's Mysteries 7-to-9 pm block of yeah let's just say this is educational programming and oh but that feels nice and cozy and weirdly nostalgic.

PS: Closing out AnthrOhio on Friday.


What a great-looking suit.


And now I get arty at the dance.


bunny_hugger's shy turn away whenever I tell her how beautiful she is.

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