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And I fell for Lavinia the moment that I saw her standing there

So Penelope spent much of the first day with us in her hutch, looking out, nervous. She'd make a couple of circuits of her pen but retreat back to safety. Come Sunday she was spending more time sitting outside, although she still looked skeptical of what the heck we were doing and why we were doing this to her. She's getting a bit more open, I think, and will hop up to the edge of her area when she sees one of us approaching. So we're getting on good terms, I think. It helps surely that I'm taking chances to go over and rub her head for a couple of minutes. If she has to be in a strange place it can at least be filled with pleasant bits of attention. This doesn't change how she spent much of Monday sitting underneath her wooden tunnel and chewing at the carpet until she'd raised a little mound.

I apologize for doing this, but I'm going to get another weird split of topics if I don't do a big photo dump today. So please put up with me. Saturday at Anthrohio, with some of the pictures taken of actually doing convention stuff here.


Capturing someone else's precious captured moment. And hey, always nice to see one of c_eagle's friends around!


Waiting at one of the intersections for stuff to get ready. I took more establishing-shot type pictures such as this since it was the last year of the hotel.


A moment of serious thinking while playing, I believe, the adult live-action interactive fiction game. This one I think we also successfully completed thanks to some well-placed saves.


Everybody's afraid of being the first person on the dance floor.


Oh, cousins, we're never going to get our reputation to level up if we pull stunts like this.


Rocket boots engaged and liftoff begun!

Trivia: Reverend Ammi Robbins, chaplain for the Continental army that marched to conquer Canada in 1775, described the starting point of the expedition, Albany, as ``a wicked city'' and deplored the ``wickedness of the people'' in it. Source: The First American Army: The Untold Story of George Washington and the Men Behind America's First Fight for Freedom, Bruce Chadwick.

Currently Reading: A History of Reading, Alberto Manguel. So yeah, this is one of the most happy bits of luck in running across a new author I've had in a long while.

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