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Though it doesn't make sense to the dull and the dense

Saturday opened with sad thoughts. First: bunny_hugger would have to go back to work, back to the conference. She couldn't skip every day and Saturday's promised to have more sessions relevant to her interests. Second: back an hour away from home, at a pole barn just outside Kalamazoo, the Michigan State Championship Series in pinball was going on. Had we not been in Mexico City, or had the state pinball championships not been moved up several weeks --- in previous years they were mid-February --- we might have attended. I would have qualified in my own right; bunny_hugger would have been an alternate. But we had Mexico City planned, and that left all my playing the last month of 2017 with this curious, relaxed, detached air: it didn't matter what I did, so I could just play for fun, and it generally went better doing so.

Michigan didn't have the games live-streamed, the way major events might. And the hotel Internet was too awful to watch such a stream anyway. I might have followed the game-by-game updates, but I have no idea where they were posted. Probably Matchplay, possibly Neverdrains; at least Matchplay lets you search for particular matches. I didn't see the need to waste time on regretting that, though. It turns out to have been a heck of a series, though. The majority of the head-to-head matches went to their maximum seven games, and there were several times the state's ultimate champion AJG was on the brink of being knocked out. If I have it right, there weren't any sweeps, either. Speaks well for the community, I think, that even though there are some obvious champion players there's still a lot of people who are competitive.

And, next year, the format should be changing some. Michigan looks like it's going to have enough events, and enough rated players, to be a pinball super-state. This means that instead of the top 16 players in finals, there'll be the top 24. There's some other rules changes; instead of all the events played in a state counting for one's ranking, only the top 20 will. This rule, had it been in place for 2017, would have knocked me down a couple positions, and dropped bunny_hugger out of alternates range. And it would have trashed the position of KEC, who got in through fair play and endurance, playing in something like 75 events over 2017. KEC got to play that Saturday, thanks to my and bunny_hugger's absences, and by CST --- running the event --- deciding he would just supervise rather than try to play for finals too. She met AJG in the first round, and lost, four games to one, but she did manage to beat the state's champion in one game at least.

None of that was important, of course, in my circumstance. What was I to do all day? And I thought again about just reading books by the pool. I also thought about going to some other attraction and saw a couple of small amusement parks with one Wacky Worm-class roller coaster each that were around (there was one surprisingly near the Frida Kahlo Museum, turns out). But I didn't think that I would want to tell bunny_hugger that I'd gone to a park without even suggesting it to her. Also if the park didn't care to have unaccompanied middle-aged men on children's rides then all there'd be for me to do is stand around awkwardly taking photos and not understanding anything anyone said. bunny_hugger had mentioned there was a well-regarded park nearby, one the conference suggested for early-morning walks; maybe I could find that. I prowled around the neighborhood on Google Maps and discovered what I thought was the park and was wrong. Also, a bit farther along, the Museo de Sitio de Cuicuilco and the Piramide De Cuicuilco.

I knew nothing of Cuicuilco, but I could work out what Piramide was. We wouldn't have the chance to get to any of the great pyramids of Mexico City, but to get to something? Sure. It didn't look to me more than a mile away, and I could get there just by following the expressway so even I would have trouble getting lost.

I started to think I was lost when I got past this small restaurant named Mi Gusto Es, with an appealing logo of a shark dressed as a waiter. I knew the Piramide was at the southeast corner where one major street crossed another and here's a major street crossing the expressway and is that it? There's some major buildings in a complex there and, to sum up: no, that was a church. I got back to the main expressway.

I next started to think I was lost as I got to another big hotel and a couple of bank-type buildings, across the expressway from a good-sized shopping mall and nothing that looked like I was getting any closer to an archeological site. Also I saw a poster for the Woody Woodpecker movie, opening the Thursday we flew back home. Also I learned there was a Woody Woodpecker movie, ahead of English-speaking Twitter getting to ask what the heck this was. It went straight to DVD here, but there, it was ``solo en cines''. Also apparently Woody's known as El Pájaro Loco. The advertising slogan was ``Adivina quién está de regreso?'', which I could not parse exactly but which I could take some guesses about.

Startled by Woody Woodpecker I started back, thinking to check my map again and figure out what the heck I was doing wrong. Or maybe go to the mall, and find an electronics shop and see if I could check things on a display iPad or something. And then re-thought it again, plunging onward in the direction I was ever-less-sure was right. Which is how I actually got where I meant to go. It's so strange to have that work out like that.

Trivia: The first season of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, in 1871, was to be scheduled as each of the ten teams playing a five-game series against every other club, with the champion determined by this head-to-head play. Before the season ended teams disputed whether the championship would go to the team that won the most series or the most individual games. Source: A Game of Inches: The Story Behind the Innovations that Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: A History of Reading, Alberto Manguel.

PS: What I Haven't Had Time To Read (Late March), some mathematics stuff that shouldn't stop you any, right?

PPS: Saturday night at Anthrohio 2017, where the dance was going and we were looking to be there.


What I mean about establishing shots: why else photograph the map of the Morphicon/Anthrohio activity area? (To the left of the building were the conference's hotel room blocks.)


The left-side message board, day two.


The right-side message board, day two. If you look up top you can see where bunny_hugger was publicizing the Bunnies and Rodents SIG.

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