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I apologize for doing more of a photography dump, but I realized I don't have the time today to write about our Sunday in Mexico City and I hope some lovely pictures of bunnies at Anthrohio's Sunday demonstration helps make up for it.


A couple of the adoptable rabbits they had on Sunday morning, whom I visited in the hopes of encouraging people to bunny_hugger's Rabbits and Rodents SIG (somehow not on the official schedule, and so hurt even worse than by its early hour).


And a side view of the pen area --- I don't think I had a full establishing shot of it earlier --- along with some of the bunnies exploring whether they liked this whole ``attention'' idea after all.


I'm sorry to have missed this rabbit's name; they usually posted signs that read them off and I was able to get a photo of the rabbit with the name. Anyway, there's something in the facial expression that tickles me here.


This, now, I'm not positive is a rabbit and may instead be a floofy slipper left in the enclosure by accident. I apologize for the confusion.


Current aesthetic: that hunched-down look rabbits get when they've been petted a while and are willing to let it continue but aren't going to insist on it, so their heads are pushed all down but their back side is ready to flee. Also, hey, you can see how this rabbit has a brown iris and you can even kind of make out me in the reflection.


Oh, I suppose that fluffy slipper is a rabbit after all, and maybe was a little too merry at the dance past 2 am the night before.

Trivia: By 1935 about 54% of the United States's manufactured cotton exports and 55% of steel mill exports were to Latin America. Source: A Low Dishonest Decade: The Great Powers, Eastern Europe, and the Economic Origins of World War II, 1930 - 1941, Paul N Hehn.

Currently Reading: The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture, Brian Dear.

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