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Take me to the Fair

Sunday! And the halfway point in our journey to Mexico City, the time when you can start thinking about how home is getting only closer again. We slept in a bit. Longer, for bunny_hugger, since she didn't have any conference-related things to get to.

When the conference was planned, Sunday was to be a day for some manner of art exhibition that attendees would be welcome to. The earthquake last September wrecked those plans, as the venue was damaged or else made unavailable because of earthquake damage. In its place the conference scheduled nothing-in-particular. It did arrange tour buses to the Great Pyramid of Teotihuacán. The spot's a couple hours from where the hotel and the rest of the conference was. We didn't think we'd be able to make it, and knowing that we wouldn't be able to was part of why I went to the small but in-walking-distance pyramid of Cuicuilco. Also why bunny_hugger so envied that I saw a pyramid, however small, and wished she had gone to see it herself. Never mind. We didn't get up early enough for that, and we had something else we hoped to do with the most free day.

Something we were ready for was breakfast. The conference had arranged for (Vegan) breakfasts for attendees. But with the buses to the conference leaving at about 7:30 am, you had to get up pretty early and then get up even earlier to have these breakfasts. Plus you had to get clear directions about where they were, which somehow kept evading us. At the conference dinner Saturday night we were finally let in on where to go, and it was in one of the mineral-named meeting rooms on the third floor of the conference area. And breakfast was running through to about noon, letting us wake after we'd had enough time to sleep and still enjoy the meal. It had a nice blend of what I assume are the kinds of things Mexican people actually eat, plus some safety items for the less adventurous eater, such as heaps of fresh fruit or bowls of cereal. (We met a couple of new breakfast cereal mascots on the trip, although not so many as I'd have hoped.) We did have a nice encounter with someone from the conference and talked about our plans for the day, though, and she was delighted by it.

After the really good breakfast --- the conference tends to look hard for rather good Vegan food, since, well, it's a conference of people who study the problems of how humans use animals --- we cleaned up a bit, got our cameras, and went downstairs. The hotel concierge was happy to arrange a taxi, and promised us that when we were ready to get back we should just call and they'd send someone. We would not learn they were fibbing for about nine hours.

(Have you figured out what we're doing? Hint: it's one of the two things I ever go on about at length anymore.)

Trivia: The Loch Ness Monster Surprise Bag was a short-lived candy launched after the monster sightings of 1934. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

Currently Reading: The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture, Brian Dear.

PS: You know, I'd had a photo dump ready in case I lacked time to write up this part of the trip. Let me give you the whole bunch now. Once more from Anthrohio, after the official close of ceremonies.


There was some space available at the Dead Dog Dance.


In the absence of dancers, the DJs took to giving lessons on how their equipment works and encouraged us to try fiddling around with the music gear.


What the DJs see at a dance. When given the chance to mix a couple of tracks together I ... touched things and was told whether they were right or wrong and could not tell the difference in what I did. But I got it right eventually?


Couple of people wandering across our DJ lesson without knowing what's going on.


The Artists Alley, closed up and with everyone gone for the night.


Stalwarts at the final karaoke night.

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