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Shine, the weather's fine

Yeah, it was kind of a busy week so I didn't have time to do any more on my mathematics blog than to keep up with the comic strips. So here's the comic strips.

Also in comic strips: my answers to the question What's Going On In Dick Tracy? Will the Green Hornet Remain At Large? January - April 2018. Also, although this didn't fit in the subject line, ``How did this not bring Jim Scancarelli of Gasoline Alley out of hiding? You know?'' Anyway, here's some more Cedar Point from last June.


Candles at the shop in the Frontier Trail. Who could melt a couple adorable little rackety-coons like these? Huh?


Another candle figure at the shop in the Frontier Trail: a young dragon about to be confused by the egg it's hoarding.


And then over to the petting zoo: ducks!


Some of the pigs on display at the petting zoo slash historical farm, showing off also the traditional high-intensity lighting fixtures of early 19th century Ohio farmers?


Oh, hi there. So some of the petting zoo animals are friendly and would like to know more about my camera, which isn't all that interesting by itself.


Some of the bunnies on display and with the water bottles that should help them through the heat of the day if it hadn't been pouring rain down on them for an hour plus. (They're in a sheltered area so stayed dry.)

Trivia: The number of railway passengers in Britain rose from about 58 million in 1848 to about 108 million in 1854. Freight income multiplied about two and a half times. Source: The Age of Capital, 1848 - 1875, Eric Hobsbawm.

Currently Reading: The League of Regrettable Superheroes, Jon Morris. I feel faintly disappointed, although I like the weird ingenuity of the 1940s superheroes, many of whom were designed with clearly no idea what the bounds of superheroes could be. So there's a nice exploratory strangeness even in the ones that don't work. And no, the Whizzer doesn't get listed. Go figure.

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