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All his top notes come out blurred

This past week on my humor blog, I did some comic strips and then reprinted some stuff and made links to other people's work. How did that look?

And there's the important questions. What's Going On In Gasoline Alley? Does Anyone Know What's Happend To Jim Scancarelli? I can answer the first. The second, nobody who knows has said.

Okay then. Let's look back at that day in June that bunny_hugger's parents visited, right before her mother's back went all evil.


bunny_hugger's parents brought their dog, a neurotic basset hound, who here looks over the fact that she's been given a grilled sausage and a stick and can't quite trust that the world has come to this point somehow.


Our grilling setup, the backyard. It's basic but enough for our purposes. The cement orb by the flowers is a small statue of a bunny. In the pond on the upper left our goldfish gather to enjoy the light.


The fish statue and the often troublesome spitter that gives the fish a nice bit of extra oxygenated water and something to gather around, at least when the pump isn't being incredibly difficult considering it's supposed to be guaranteed for a longer operating life than we've seen.


bunny_hugger's dog digging into the plant cover and finding the cover for her acoustic album.


Also we got a robin stop in to wash off in the pond and then fly onto the fence to answer some questions.


And here a woodpecker tries to break into the squirrel feeder from below. This is not the only woodpecker to try this approach. The thing of it is that it sometimes work, since there's a couple drilled holes in the bottom of the feeder that are supposed to allow for rainwater to drain and prevent the growth of mold or attraction of bugs, and there'll be bugs there, attracted by the mold that's grown in the inadequately-drained rainwater.

Trivia: The Greek alphabet was roughly standardized in Athens around 403-402 BC, and propagated throughout Greece over the following generation. Athens used an Ionic alphabet as used in Miletus, in preference to their own original Attic style which among other things did not distinguish the long E (eta) and long O (omega) vowels. Source: Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World, Nicholas Ostler.

Currently Reading: The Best of Simon and Kirby, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby. Book Editor Steve Saffel.

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